Inside and out, rustic patinated doors lend an old-world charm to this Spanish Colonial-style house. There is beauty in working with wood. Old or new, pale or dark, the warm and tactile nature of timber ensures it enhances any home. Timeless and naturally beautiful, wood has always been a mainstay in a country home, but now we are seeing it crop up more and more in modern design, and to beautiful effect.  In his design practice, Joshua Smith, Inc (opens in new tab). Joshua believes in the power of creating a healing home – balancing the inner world of body, mind, and spirit with interiors. With that in mind, the couple chose a calming palette with warm, welcoming textures to evoke an overall lightness throughout the house. The timeless elegance and charm of working with natural materials in interior design remain ever-popular, with timber offering a durable and long-lasting design for contemporary homes.  Joshua says: ‘Our homes are our sanctuaries, where we have more control over the events and energy that occur within them, so it is important to think about the materials that we use to construct them.’ Throughout the home, Joshua showcases his talent for blending different styles; some highlights include antique furniture juxtaposed with modern art and decorative plaster ceilings alongside natural wood elements. In recent years, there have been a number of new and interesting techniques which have reinvigorated timber and made this old staple a modern favorite. If wood furniture ideas are high on your list, here are the key ways that Joshua has used the material in fresh ways throughout this home.  Take a tour below:

Living room

The natural light filling the living room makes the space brighter and works to leave occupants feeling enlightened, thanks to a picture window and French doors.  The seating is upholstered in light and airy textures for classic California living. The room is accented with vintage furniture pieces, such as a 1960s brass table and a Swedish table. 


In keeping with the fresh interiors, the oak cabinet kitchen is kept light and bright with soft white cabinetry and marble kitchen countertops. Pale and interesting best describe this dreamy scheme. A combination of textured timber and modern marble details form this original look.

Dining room

The stunning dining room is expertly appointed with a dining table and gilded mirror from the 1860s.  The coffered ceiling reveals the beauty of the structure and architecture of the room and creates an interesting counterpoint to the calm space below, which balances dark wood with subtle neutral soft furnishings for a cool, calm and contemporary aesthetic. 

Primary bedroom

Natural woven textures take over the primary bedroom for an added level of comfort, while the addition of dark wood, which runs throughout the home, makes a subtle appearance in the main bedroom. 

Primary bathroom

The bathroom is the only room in which wood doesn’t appear, but certain elements point to the natural world, such as seagrass, rattan and plant life. A traditional console sink adds an air of romance to the primary bathroom. 


Finally, a beautiful pool with terracotta brick and chic sun loungers provides a stylish place to relax outdoors; you almost feel like you’re in the Mediterranean.