It is certainly not a budget option but the beauty of marble is that you can add it to your bathroom ideas in varying amounts and it can still have a big impact. So whether it is in the form of simple basin, a freestanding bath or a floor-to-ceiling walls, all will help elevate your bathroom design. 

Marble bathroom ideas

You don’t have to stick to classic white marble bathroom ideas – there is a variety of colors to choose from. Here are 10 fresh ideas which will inspire you to work marble into your bathroom tile ideas. 

1. Use off-cut marble to create basins and smaller areas as a sustainable option 

Rather than quarrying fresh slabs for your marble bathroom ideas, interior designer Deborah Bass of Base Interior (opens in new tab) suggests seeking out reclaimed marble from places like eBay, then commissioning a specialist stone restorer to cut and polish.  Combine busy marbles with a plainer design if there’s not enough of one stone to go round. ‘Stonemasons’ off-cuts, which would otherwise go to waste, are also perfect for smaller areas like vanity tops and shelves,’ Deborah adds, great for bathroom vanity ideas.

2. Install marble in a frame to create a bespoke piece of art 

If you are looking to make bathroom backsplash ideas count, this is how. This framed panel of magnificent Calacatta Borghini marble feels like a work of art behind Devon & Devon (opens in new tab)’s sculptural Kalos bath.  Framing marble is also a great way to provide a natural stopping point for the slab, saving the expense of cladding the full wall, while boosting the sense of symmetry. Switching to beautiful Verde Orientale marble on the floor adds a three-dimensional, grounding effect. 

3. Introduce wood panelling for a warmer effect 

Marble bathroom ideas with too much stone can feel cold and sterile. In this stunning bathroom, Fiona Barratt Interiors (opens in new tab) used wooden panelling ideas for walls to introduce warmth and deaden the echo of hard surfaces.  ‘I also like to do marble half-walls with specialist plaster or other textured finishes above. The mix of materials really helps to break up the monotony of the stone,’ adds founder Fiona Barratt Campbell.

4. Carry through the marble from the basins to the wall

Marble bathroom ideas can extend beyond the bathroom walls and floors. For an ultra-luxe look, a marble basin ticks all the boxes. But there is no need to stop there. Continue the marble theme on the walls and it create a clean and seamless feel.  To avoid the space looking too cold or sterile, add warm metal finishes like gold, brass and copper and introduce some wood on the floor, or even better some pattern to dial up the visual interest. 

5. Play with scale to give a bigger impact 

If you are looking for small bathroom tile ideas, playing with shape and scale can really dial up the impact. Here, Elnaz Namaki (opens in new tab) has used the same large format slabs on the floor and bath surround, visually boosting the surface area.  ‘The smaller format marble feature tiles share a design language but the change in pace draws the eye inwards and makes the small space more memorable,’ she says.

6. Choose dramatic color and striking veining

Looking for something more dramatic than gray bathroom tile ideas? Step outside your Carrara comfort zone and go for stone bursting with dramatic color and vivid veining, as seen in this stunning combination of Verde St Denis and Verde Luana marble sourced from Italy.  The creation of New York-based interior designer Steven Gambrel (opens in new tab), these shower tile ideas maximize a marble bathroom’s full potential thanks to skilful book-matching and marquetry-style borders that provide exquisite rug-like detailing underfoot.

7. Give marble a sleek, contemporary twist in a modern space

Classic marble may be centuries old, but this versatile material can feel just as relevant in a contemporary setting. Carved from a solid piece of Carrara marble, the crisp, modern lines of Piet Boon (opens in new tab)’s freestanding bath for Cocoon (opens in new tab) is a case in point. Shown here on polished concrete flooring with a neutral backdrop, the Dutch designer’s signature clean lines truly celebrate Carrara’s gentle veining. 

8. Choose black marble for a dramatic yet cocooning effect

Looking for marble bathroom ideas that are dramatic? Wrapping a bathroom entirely in black marble is a brave move for sure, but it also becomes an instant showstopper.  It is not just a way to highlight the beauty of the natural stone but will also create a cocooning effect that is instantly comforting. It is also the perfect backdrop for more delicate elements like glass, elegant brassware and textured furniture pieces. Good bathroom lighting ideas are a must.

9. Go floor to ceiling for a boutique bathroom 

If you are considering marble for bathroom floor tile ideas, why not carry them through to the walls and vanity for a truly luxe look that’s reminiscent of the world’s best hotel bathrooms? Creating a contrast – as here with the sparkling green mosaic wall tiles – adds depth, character and color, and make the space feel more unique and inviting.

10. Combine marble bathroom ideas with storage

Great bathroom storage ideas are always a must-have – there’s no getting away from it. However, there’s no reason not to clad them in a thin marble tile to create a look that’s entirely unique, luxurious and eye-catching.  This bathroom by Tamsin Johnson (opens in new tab) carries the vanity marble right through to the backsplash and mirror frames, ensuring the beauty of the marble is worked into beautiful organic shapes.

Is marble a good choice for bathrooms?

Marble is a good choice for bathrooms – it looks beautiful and is naturally water resistant. However, it does need to be sealed annually – and any stains will need to be cleaned immediately to avoid damage. Bear in mind, too, that it can scratch.  Guy Stansfeld, director of 23+GS/318 (opens in new tab), says, looked after properly, it can prove extremely practical. ‘Effective sealant will protect against most stains,’ he explains, ‘but the best advice is to treat it like a luxury piece of furniture. Clean it regularly, wipe off greasy substances before they have time to penetrate and don’t leave items like wet soap sitting on it for long periods.’