For all their sentimental value, cards can be hard to slot into our homes, with many of us opting to showcase them on our already decoration packed mantelpieces, or out of the way on refrigerators or living room doors. However, Martha Stewart has shared a solution that allows you to showcase your favorite cards while elevating your home. And the trick involves using things you (likely) have in your cupboards.  It is perhaps unsurprising that this Christmas card idea comes courtesy of Martha Stewart – founder of the eponymous homecare empire that has influenced quintessential American living since 1997. However, while the past two decades have served us a host of her home hacks and recipes, her twist on this Christmas tradition is one of the most pleasingly simple yet.  ‘Tired of covering the front of your fridge with this season’s flurry of family holiday cards? It may be time to step up your display,’ Martha says.  A photo posted by on To do so, she creates a Christmas card tree – using wintry branches arranged in a large vase. She has then attached ribbons to each card (you can do so by inserting a hole in the top and feeding the ribbon through) before tying ribbons on various branches.  ‘Wintry branches are beautiful on their own and easy to arrange in a large vase or vessel – and are even more festive when you decorate them with the notes you receive from friends and loved ones,’ she says. This charming Christmas decor idea should take 30 minutes or less – and its aesthetic value on your home is unrivalled.  Martha’s tree has reinvented how we’ll show our cards this year (and in the future), but naturally, her influence doesn’t end there. Her striking gold Christmas tree (shown above) is equally as inspiring  – and hard not to love – even if you have already chosen and dressed yours for 2022.  A photo posted by on While it is (quite possibly) too late to rearrange your holiday decor, it’s easy to admire her over-indulgently sparkly tree and ornaments that complement her green (and gold) wallpaper seamlessly. Plus, for Martha Stewart-approved Christmas gift-wrapping ideas, her metallic paper (that obviously matches the tree) teaches us that abundant luxury will never go out of style over the holidays.