But how do they approach Christmas decorating – and how does it differ from their usual pared-back but comfortable design aesthetic? ‘I’m really into Christmas and go all out,’ says Jeremiah in an exclusive interview with H&G. ‘My husband, on the other hand, counts down the days until all of the decorations can come down.’  And what, in their eyes, is the biggest festive decor mistake most of us make? ‘People often feel obligated to use everything they’ve gathered throughout the years and place each item in the same exact spot,’ Jeremiah says. He does, however, have a simple fix that doesn’t involve us buying a whole new set of ornaments every year. ‘I’d encourage doing something more unexpected and reimagining the decor each year to keep it looking fresh. The good news is brands make such chic holiday decor now, so there’s no need to sacrifice style or shortage of opportunity to get creative,’ elaborates Jeremiah. This, of course, can mean anything from using Christmas tree decor for a pretty display on a festive mantelpiece (above) to positioning a staircase garland along the center of your Christmas table (below). But Nate is keen for us to switch our color schemes away from the traditional reds, greens and golds, too.  ‘People think because it’s the holidays, they need to stick to a traditional red and green color palette,’ he says. ‘Instead, reach for metallics, gold, and silver. Paired with greenery from the garden, it’s one of the easiest and chicest ways to make a room feel festive.’ So, according to the design duo, it’s all about paring back that color scheme, leaving those red and green ornaments in storage but showcasing the metallics you already have boosted with Christmas foliage. We can get on board with that message. On the subject of a pared-back color scheme, Nate and Jeremiah are experts. So much so, in fact, that they recently paired with Behr to help transform a deserving family’s home.  The designers selected paint colors Tranquil Gray DC-007 (opens in new tab), Even Better Beige DC-010 (opens in new tab), and, naturally, Behr’s 2023 Color of the Year, Blank Canvas DC-003 (opens in new tab). They are all shades from the BEHR® Designer Collection (opens in new tab) palette for a neutral space that will struggle to go out of style, no matter the time of year.