Or that is what I believe, at least. That is why I make a habit of tackling some of those larger house-cleaning tasks before the big day arrives. From cleaning a kitchen to preparing the guest room down to the finest detail, there is nothing quite like a good winter clean to make a house feel more welcoming.  These are the nine cleaning tips I recommend to get your house in perfect shape for hosting Christmas festivities each year. 

1. Deodorize the kitchen by cleaning the oven and fridge for better-tasting food

I always make sure to clean the glass oven door, too, as this is where the majority of grease spits out and builds up unnoticed over time.  Deodorizing a refrigerator is just as important too if you want perfectly tasting food. To do this, start by clearing out any old food that may be hiding at the back of the shelf and clean down the shelves and door with a cloth and soapy water. After drying it down with a spare towel, I replace any good food and pop a small bowl of white vinegar at the back of the bottom shelf. Cleaning with vinegar helps neutralize food odors and leaves my fridge smelling fresh for my Christmas treats. 

2. Prepare the guest bedroom by washing linens and freshening up 

If I am having guests stay over Christmas then preparing then my guest bedroom is always a priority on my pre-Christmas cleaning list. Other than adding the obvious Christmas bedroom decor ideas to the space, I always launder the linens that may have been left on the bed for some time to ensure they are fresh.  Despite the often cold weather, I will also make sure to ventilate the room by opening the windows while I work to help freshen up the space before lighting wonderfully scented Christmas candles and leaving some matches behind in case my guests want to enjoy their scent while they stay too. 

3. Wipe down the internal doors with a perfumed cleaning solution to deodorize and prevent dust

Washing doors may seem unnecessary, but I find that using the right mix of water and essential oils not only helps to get rid of dust from small ledges but also helps make a home smell nice.  For a simple door cleaner, I mix one cup of plain water with five or so drops of my favorite essential oil in a spray bottle. I then spray the solution either directly onto my door or onto a soft cloth and buff until all the dust has gone and my rooms smell fresh. Around the holidays, I like to choose essential oils with scents such as peppermint or pine to help make my home smell good for Christmas. 

4. Clean windows inside and out to help show off your festive window vistas

Cleaning windows without streaks is usually a cleaning task people leave for spring and summer, but siping them down in winter (especially if there has been snow or rain) will help to keep your glass sparkling for the perfect view of your Christmas window decor ideas. On the outside of my windows, I use a freeze-resistant cleaner such as a car windshield de-icer to help prevent my windows from freezing over in cold temperatures. I dilute the solution with warm, not hot, water and wipe down the exterior of the windows before clearing the water away and buffing the glass with a dry towel to remove streaks. The good news is that, due to the cold temperatures, the water does not evaporate and leaves streaks before I can buff it clear.  For the inside, I combine one part white vinegar with ten parts warm water and a few drops of a nice-smelling essential oil in a spray bottle, spraying the mixture directly onto the panes before using a microfibre cloth to buff the window till it shines. 

5. Use a lint roller to refresh furniture and dust lampshades

6. Clean out fireplaces and log stoves to elevate to help fires burn better

If you are lucky enough to have a working fireplace or log stove in your home then you will likely have had the chimney swept when preparing a home for fall. Before Christmas, however, it is a good idea to do a quick check of the hearth and clear out any collected soot or ash.  Given that fireplace ideas are often a big focal point when guests come around, making sure it is clean and your wood pile is well stocked will make it that much more impressive – plus a clean fireplace helps a fire burn better and truly elevates your Christmas mantel decor ideas. 

7. Launder table linens and polish silverware ready for Christmas dinner

Knowing how to clean silver can seem daunting sometimes, but in reality, it is pretty simple to polish silverware and get it looking its best for the holidays. While it is not quite as simple as popping it in the dishwasher, I use a home mix of baking soda and water (mixed until it forms a paste) to coat my silverware. I leave this paste to sit for a few minutes before washing it away and buffing it with a silver cloth. The result? Perfectly polished tableware. 

8. Wipe down outside lights and decorations closer to the main day 

When I say wipe down outdoor Christmas decor, I do not, of course, mean going around and polishing each individual fairy light, as fastidious a cleaner as you might be. I think this is too far for anyone. Instead, I mean using a cloth to quickly clear away any marks, built-up snow, or leaves that have built up from larger, more prominent Christmas lights so that they shine perfectly through the long nights. I usually do this a little closer to Christmas eve.

9. Clear out-of-season coats out of entryway closets to prepare for guests’ belongings

It can be easy to forget what is behind closed doors until it is too late. When cleaning my home for Christmas, I always make sure to check my entryway closet and wall hangers to make sure there is space for guests’ boots and coats so I am not fumbling with where to keep them once they arrive.  Usually, my closet is overfilled with spring coats that should have already been moved to storage earlier in the year. I make sure to pack these away into a packing bag and pop them at the back of my closet or under my bed to make space – it is a great tip if you want to look like the effortless host from the get-go in the holidays. 

Why do we clean before Christmas?

Cleaning before Christmas is important as it helps to prepare the house and make holiday hosting a little less stressful. What’s more, it helps give guests the right impression and paints you as the perfect, near-flawless host.

When should you start cleaning before Christmas?

When you start cleaning before Christmas largely depends on how many tasks you have to complete, but many people start around two or three weeks before the main event in order to get everything done without rushing.