The former Vanity Fair editor was responding to claims that the Sussexes were house-hunting in an area around 10 miles east of their current home – where they have lived since June 2020.  While it is easy to label this property as one of the world’s best homes, it pales in comparison to those owned by their wealthy neighbors, for example, Oprah Winfrey’s Promised Land estate, worth $100m.  Speaking at the Henley Literary Festival in Oxfordshire, England, Tina Brown shared that: ‘it’s not very pleasant to be a D-list celebrity who, for them, doesn’t have enough money. It’s a wholly different game to be with those super-rich people. In Montecito, where they live, their $14 million mansion is a humble cottage compared to what these other people have,’ The Telegraph (opens in new tab) reports.  Meghan and Harry’s home may be the only royal residence in Montecito, but their neighbors’ properties are the most expensive in California. The most notable properties include Jaz Z and Beyoncé’s mansion in Bel Air which costs $88m, and Kylie Jenner’s home, worth $36.5m. Rob Lowe, Ariana Grande, and Ellen DeGeneres also call the prestigious district their home.  Tina Brown (who was one of the last people to see Diana, Princess of Wales prior to her death) was responding to the question of whether Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are selling their Montecito home, following reports that there was a rise in local theft only last week. The couple is supposedly looking for a ‘private estate’ in an elite neighborhood near their current property. ‘At some point, it might be more than a new house she’s looking for,’ she says, before adding: ‘Elon Musk is still single; that’s all I have to say.’  According to The Telegraph, the author of The Diana Chronicles (opens in new tab) and The Palace Papers (opens in new tab) added that Duke’s upcoming tell-all biography may never be published. ’ ‘If the book continues, I don’t think there is any way for Harry to return. So my view has always been that the book won’t see the light of day.’ The Sussexes are yet to comment on whether they are leaving Montecito for another home Hope Ranch area. We will let you know as soon as we hear any more information.