The Magnolia designer shared a glimpse into her laundry room – primarily showcasing the table and chair that crowned the space as one of her favorite spaces in her home. However, while we are admirable of her furnishings – it was her organic laundry room ideas that caught our immediate attention.  In her laundry room (pictured above and below), the Fixer Upper star exhibited hanging ivy that falls from her industrial-style light and crowns her beloved table. And while this quirk is undeniably aesthetic, it has a range of other benefits for you and this practical space. Here’s what the experts think about Joanna Gaines’ emerging plant trend. 

Joanna Gaines’ laundry room plant trend

‘It seems like no matter what’s gone on out there, how loud the world gets, I can always come back to the familiar quiet in here: the swoosh of the wash, the rumble of the dryer, the piles undone at rest on the floor,’ Joanna says on Instagram (opens in new tab). ‘The swoosh of the wash, the rumble of the dryer, the piles undone at rest on the floor. There is something about the ordinary, the profound absence of performance in this space, that lets me be my truest self.’ The designer explains how she took joy from her decorating ideas, such as her table and chairs. However, plant experts suggest that her hanging ivy also contributes to the peace of her space. 

The benefit of hanging ivy – in a laundry room – and elsewhere

‘Ivy can be an excellent choice for a laundry room as these plants can survive pretty much anywhere,’ says Kevi Tara, a plant expert from LeafNJoy (opens in new tab). But aside from Joanna Gaines’ approval – what makes ivy one of the best indoor plants you can choose for your laundry room? ‘Their dark shaded green leaves bring a touch of peace and calmness, but at the same time, the forest green variations carry a notch of seriousness and structure with them – which align with a busy laundry room well,’ Kevi explains.  ‘Ivy plants are rarely just a simple shade of green, however. Most of the specimens have striking white venation or other types of variegation. These colorful plays on the leaves, on the other hand, can brighten up even the darkest color and bring cheerful energy.’ Besides its aesthetic, ivy is one of the best air-cleaning indoor plants you can choose. ‘They’ve been known to be able to absorb airborne toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, and even mold and mildew,’ Kevi adds. It is also notably low-maintenance – meaning you can replicate Joanna’s utility room ideas without inconvenience.  ‘Ivy is a great choice for those that are looking for a unique plant that makes a sharper statement of wilderness and character, and the calm pothos just isn’t suitable,’ the expert adds. We’re following Joanna’s example at the first opportunity,