While it is true that the right bedroom mirror ideas are both good-looking and practical, bedroom Feng Shui experts have warned that the existence (and the placement) of a mirror can have an impact on your sleep and consequently your wellbeing. So, if you’re wondering how to sleep better, removing your mirror could be the answer, along with these other Feng Shui house features to avoid. 

Should you have a mirror in your bedroom?

The question of whether you should have a mirror as part of your Feng Shui bedroom layout comes down to the energy in your space. If the space has negative energy, it should be avoided. ‘Mirrors can readily make your room feel larger – but at the same time – they tend to reflect much energy throughout the room. This will affect and deplete [the room’s] energy,’ says expert Nishtha Sadana from Decorated Life (opens in new tab). This can ‘impact your health and wellness by disturbing your sleep and fostering insomnia.’ How can you tell if your bedroom has negative energy and where does it come from? Negative energy – or qi – may already be in your home, inherited from previous occupants. Feng shui principles also suggest a difficult period for a person’s astrology can create negative energy. Or a person’s negative attitude can invite in negative energy. All of this be felt in a room.  So, while it has its benefits in terms of decoration, it is better to avoid all mirrors when following bedroom Feng Shui principles.  And Nishtha is not alone in her teachings. Professional astrologer and numerologist Johanna Aúgusta (opens in new tab) similarly explains that a mirror reflects the energy around your room – so if you decide you need a mirror– it’s important to assess the space.  ‘If [a mirror] is placed opposite your bed, then it will reflect back the energy you emit while you sleep,’ she says. Therefore, ‘if you have a lot of negative energy in your bedroom, it is said that mirrors can amplify this and make it worse.’ However, if you have good energy in your bedroom, bedroom mirror Feng Shui can help to magnify this and create a more positive space.  ‘It is thought that at night, when the bedroom is reflected in the mirrors, all kinds of energies are reflected back, which might even sap your own energies,’ adds certified life coach, Jod Kapilakan. ‘They could thus encourage insomnia and interfere with the quantity and quality of your rest.’ So should you have a mirror in your bedroom? There is no definitive answer as the atmosphere in your space is subjective. If you feel as though your room has a good energy, then it may be possible to continue decorating with mirrors. However, if your space has negative energy, it should be avoided.