While learning how to wash towels is a seemingly easy process, there are different levels of cleanliness to consider. Simply throwing your towels in the washing machine will help them appear cleaner, but if you wash them at the wrong temperature, you may be left with harmful germs and bacteria that are much better left outside your bathroom. And your water temperature’s importance goes beyond bacteria prevention.  If you’ve read up on how to keep towels soft, you may know that temperature and your drying habits all have an impact on their quality, and that includes how fresh they look on your towel rail.  Mastering an effective wash routine is a key part of knowing how to use your towels correctly. This is what the experts suggest for clean, fluffy towels that stay brighter for longer.

Should you wash towels in hot water? 

‘Yes, towels should be washed in hot water to kill any bacteria or germs that may be present,’ says Basit, a home expert from Kitchen Strategist (opens in new tab). ‘Hot water will also help to remove any dirt or grime that may be on the towel and is more effective than cold water at removing these things from fabrics.’  However, using hot water comes with a warning. If your water is too hot, it can decrease the life of your towel and also lead to fraying, color bleeding, and shrinkage. The expert recommends opting for a temperature range between 104-140°F for clean towels that will look fresh, wash after wash.  ‘This temperature is hot enough to kill bacteria but not so hot that it will damage the fabric of the towels,’ he says. ‘Additionally, this temperature range is comfortable enough to touch without being too hot.’ Wayne Edelman, the CEO of Meurice Garment Care (opens in new tab), also warns that you should also be extra careful when washing darker towels in hot water, as the heat may cause the color to fade. 

How do you get towels white and fluffy again?

Knowing how to maintain your towels properly goes beyond your towel storage ideas (though these are important too).  Wayne Edelman from Meurice Garment Care explains that your laundry habits are vital to ensuring your towels remain white and fluffy, but in many cases, this involves dropping an important laundry staple. ‘I do not recommend the use of fabric softeners in the wash for towels as it degrades their moisture retention,’ the expert warns. ‘You [should] dry towels all the way through in your dryer to remain light and fluffy. It is best to fold items right after to prevent wrinkles.’ As an extra step to white towels, Basit recommends cleaning with baking soda – the versatile home-care staple that will help to loosen dirt and stains. This solution will also ’leave your towels looking and smelling fresher than ever.’