There are endless shades of blue room ideas for all your color trend and room color needs. Many blues have their own beneficial qualities but there’s nothing quite like sky blue – a mood-lifting hue that is ideal for quiet spaces, such as blue bedrooms, reading rooms and even outdoor spaces.  Sky blue creates a beautiful base for a scheme or initial interior design concept. It’s one of the most popular shades of choice, no matter the era of the property that you’re working or the style of its owner.  Here, we break down why the experts love working with this heavenly hue. 

A color that works well in and outdoors

‘We love this color for being neither loud nor cold – it adds an instant freshness to outdoor spaces.’ says Ruth Mottershead, creative director, Little Greene (opens in new tab). Here we see Air Force Blue in a traditional oil gloss by Little Greene being used to brighten these beautiful glazed rear doors. Painting these doors, which would otherwise traditionally be in white or wood, brings new life and personality to them. It’s a simple way of adding color to your rear garden but without overloading the space and by choosing a sky blue shades, it feels reflective of the sky. 

Think about the direction of the light

Many are aware that colors can react different depending on the space they’re used in, however, not everyone checks the direction of light – at different times of the day – before selecting a paint color that’s right. It may feel like a laborious task, but it’s one that will pay off in the long run.  Once you’ve worked out how natural daylight plays a part within a room, it’s then good to decide what shades might work as well which other colors to introduce to the scheme. Additional colors can be welcomed through decorating but also furniture and accessories.  ‘Depending on the light, this blue can read quite differently. It has tones of deep blue, green and even grey so always check the shade in situ. Sky blue sits comfortably among darker colors, but a safe bet is to pair it with a French grey,’ says Georgina Cave, founder, Cave Interiors (opens in new tab).

Myth debunked – blues aren’t always cold 

“This [sky blue] is a clever color, suited to many interior surroundings, adding contrast to a room without being too overpowering.’ says Polly Ayrton and Vanessa Church, co-founders, Church & Rose (opens in new tab).  When asked why they love working with sky blue, Church & Rose add ‘it can be mixed with other warm, strong colors to create an atmospheric yet comforting space without creating the cold perception that one might initially think when suggesting blue tones.’  Blue has also been named one of the best colors to make a room feel happy, making it the ideal scheme for a welcoming, relaxing space. 

Mix up your color palette 

‘Using different shades of blue, including sky and navy, add a real depth and richness to a room.’ recommends Lucy Barlow, creative director, Barlow & Barlow.  (opens in new tab) ‘Bold, impactful and elegant navy is also known to be a calming hue making it a great choice for a bedroom. Adding accents of red or pink help soften and warm up the space.’ 

Think about what will fill the space 

When decorating with blue it’s worth considering what will occupy the space and even the walls – wall lights, artworks or panelling.  It’s obvious when you think of it but using a shade like sky blue as the backdrop for a room will have the same affect that a blue sky has when the clouds have passed. It’s an ideal shade to lift a mood and the perfect grounding for all of your favorite things.