A bathroom has many demands put upon it, not only to be a practical, user-friendly room but also a tranquil place to relax. With these smart bathroom ideas, you can keep your space looking stylish and store the essential items, too.

Small bathroom storage ideas

Good bathroom storage ideas are essential to making both these aspects of the room work. However, limited or awkward-shaped spaces can create a challenge when it comes picking the best small bathroom ideas for your home. But, items that need storage, like bulky towels and numerous toiletries, can also add to the decorative look of the bathroom, so it’s worth thinking about how you can show them off to their best advantage.

1. Incorporate wall-hung furniture

‘Keep the furniture wall-hung to create a sense of space and give a sleek, ‘floating’ look,’ says interior designer, Deana Ashby (opens in new tab).  ‘Although hidden storage is practical, don’t be tempted to shut everything away. Instead use a combination of slim projection cabinets and shelving to provide plenty of storage but without enclosing the space.’ Wall-hung sanitaryware and furniture will leave the bathroom floor visible to create the impression of a large bathroom. Plus they make cleaning much easier.

2. Plan you bathroom storage according to size

Avoid furniture with deep drawers or cupboards in a small bathroom. ‘At face value, a large under-basin cupboard may look like it offers heaps of storage –space, but often waste a lot of space if the shelves are too far apart because most cosmetics and toiletries are quite small,’ says Deana Ashby.  ‘Narrow-depth drawers or more shelves – installed closer together will give maximum storage potential and make it easier to see – everything at a glance rather than rooting around in the back of the cupboard.’

3. Create an entirely bespoke scheme

Bespoke furniture is an ideal solution in any room, but particularly in a bathroom where space is usually at a premium. ‘In short, you will maximize storage by being able to manufacture furniture that makes the most of every niche, nook and cranny,’ explains Susan Cunningham.  ‘This is particularly useful in a home where there is a “quirky” corner or slanted ceiling, which make off-the-peg furniture an impractical option,’ adds Deana. ‘You can also choose the finishes, internal features such as partitioned leather-lined drawers, handles and even the hinge design.  ‘Generally bespoke storage can be more expensive, and can involve lead times up to 12 weeks depending on the manufacturer’s order book. But you can save by selecting less expensive materials and keeping the design simple. For example, walnut is less expensive than macassar; Carrera White marble is less expensive than Statuarietto. There is usually a more affordable version if you know where to look.’

4. Invest wisely when designing a small bathroom

‘I would recommend a third of the budget goes towards storage,’ advises interior designer, Monita Cheung.  ‘If you invest well, furniture can easily become the main focal point. A key piece in every bathroom is a basin, therefore incorporating under-counter furniture is essential.’ ‘Large bathroom vanity units fitted underneath the basin with an additional internal drawer always helps to hide the daily clutter.  ‘There are many different bathroom vanity ideas that will create ample storage. For example, a jumbo drawer base unit provides storage for large towels and tall bottles, while a sleek mirror cabinet can be used to hide the electric toothbrush/shaver, keeping surfaces clear.  ‘If there’s money left, a tall storage unit is always handy, especially if it can be semi-recessed into a stud wall to provide really deep storage but with a sleek exterior.’

5. Use a moveable table

A trolley or side table is a simple but effective way to gain extra storage.  Find a basket or box to fit underneath to keep hand towels or body brushes in order and use the top of the table to keep more immediate toiletries to hand.  The best thing is that it can be moved to wherever it is needed or pushed against a wall out of the way.

6. Stack in pretty jars and containers

Face towels and soaps can float around in your bathroom, so make the most of their pretty packaging and tactile qualities by showing them off in stylish glass containers.  These jars are invaluable for storing odds and ends and make it easy to see what’s there. Vary the scale and design of the container to make a more interesting bathroom countertop display and keep it all in order on a tray. 

7. Decorate with a classic color palette

Many people shy away from classic styles as they assume that they can crowd a room and can be too oppressive, but this isn’t the case.  ‘By using light bathroom color schemes and embracing traditional fittings such as an Art Deco style, you can achieve a period look in your bathroom, despite its small size,’ says Dan Cook, designer, CP Hart. 

8. Go big in a small space…

Don’t shy away from making a big statement in a small bathroom. Striking furniture will make an impact and hard-working pieces that conceal storage or double up on function will maximize your home’s efficiency.  Natalia Miyar, design director at Helen Green, suggests a bold approach.  ‘Proportion is so important. I like to use large-scale furniture as it makes a space seem bigger and more luxurious,’ she says. ‘The key is to choose carefully. Buy a few large, impactful pieces rather than cluttering a space with a lot of small items.’  Bespoke or standalone shelving is a simple way of creating storage, as well as acting as a room divider. Open bathroom shelf ideas can also inject a sense of spaciousness in compact spaces. 

9. …but know when to downsize

Smart bathroom ideas can give the impression of more space. Look for smaller than standard baths, swap a full-size basin for a compact cloakroom or powder room version, opt for a corner WC and a bathroom shower over the bath.  Wall-hung fittings that expose more floor area will make the room seem bigger and will be easier to clean too. 

10. Balance the look 

Family bathroom ideas need to store a lot of stuff, and there’s really no such thing as too much storage here.  Shelves can look good if they are kept tidy, but to hide clutter, cabinets with doors are a better bet. And never underestimate the designers’ favorite bathroom storage tip: a light, bright decorating scheme and decent bathroom lighting ideas never fail to enhance the sense of space.

11. Build in storage 

Plan ahead during the bathroom build, and create built-in wall recesses that are perfect for storing essential toiletries and displaying pretty trinkets. These recesses keep the room streamlined by eliminating the need for traditional bathroom ideas shelves.

12. Make more floor space visible

Wall hung storage is an excellent way to make a small bathrooms (opens in new tab) feel larger by making more floor space visible. ‘Using a striking floor with LEDs underneath the unit helps to further boost the sense of spaciousness,’ says Josie Lywood, creative director, Q Design House (opens in new tab).  Be aware you’ll need to allow a decent gap for easy cleaning, which can mean sacrificing storage space inside the unit.

13. Think custom fit in a small bathroom

Commissioning bespoke storage and bathroom shelf ideas are guaranteed to maximise every inch.  Here, Christopher Peters (opens in new tab) has fitted an incredible array of cupboards and drawers, including two generous laundry baskets, within a 1.5m-wide area under the eaves.  ‘One factor to bear in mind when considering bespoke storage over off-the-shelf is the extended lead time, which can be several weeks from enquiry to installation,’ says master designer and owner Will Lyne.

14. Slide to hide

Storage with sliding doors is often more practical in a tight space where the opening span of hinged doors may prove a hindrance. ‘The Kut by Karol integrated LED mirror cabinet and shelves offers the best of both worlds,’ says Behnam Makari, showroom and design director, C.P. Hart (opens in new tab). ‘Open shelves to show off pretty toiletries, and a sliding mirror to conceal less-appealing necessities and position the mirror exactly where required.’

15. Choose freestanding shelves

Move your storage demands beyond purely practical with stylish freestanding pieces that offer the opportunity to introduce personality and character.  This simple industrial style unit – Neptune (opens in new tab)’s Carter Collection is similar – provides space to stash textiles and toiletries in considered displays. Be sure not to overfill. Giving decorative items room to breathe will draw attention to them in a way that would be lost in a cluttered arrangement. Shown here is Woodblock Mono wallpaper in Knightsbridge with bath in Marigold 209 from Little Greene (opens in new tab).  

How do I add storage to a small bathroom? 

There are many ways you can add storage to a small bathroom. Wall-mounted modular furniture remains a favorite for bathroom storage, due to its fuss-free, streamlined look. Available in a range of heights, widths and depths, it means that you can create semi-bespoke furniture that best suits your space. You’ll find a wide range of colors, from soft hues to strong brave tones, available too, as well as plenty of different textures.  The finish you choose depends on what kind of statement you’d like to make. Gloss has recently become less prominent, with Kerlite, an ultra-thin stoneware porcelain plate, taking centre stage. This modern material gives a matte, almost stone-like finish and works well on a wide range of bathroom furniture.  Other popular textures and finishes include linen prints and wood grains, while gray remains a favorite bathroom color idea. When applied well, especially with the help of strategically placed uplighters, it can create an appealing sense of cocooned comfort in a small space.  According to interior designer, Deana Ashby: ‘Your first port of call would always be a good bathroom mirror ideas for a cabinet. Not only is it useful for those smaller everyday items, good cabinets are full of loads of extras to help you stay organized, such as internal drawers and compartments, and even magnetic strips to hold your tweezers and scissors.’

How do you store towels in a small bathroom? 

You might be wondering how to store towels in a small bathroom. The secret is to look for storage opportunities at every level. A generous vanity unit can host deep drawers for towels, mirrored bathroom cabinet ideas can conceal toothbrushes and make-up, and include shelves or niches in the shower for shampoo. Also look for freestanding or wall-mounted slimline cabinets that slot neatly between sanitary ware.

How can I organise a bathroom without storage? 

You can also opt to organize a bathroom without any small bathroom storage ideas at all. ‘Architecturally and visually, it is best to keep a small bathroom feeling open by not crowding too many things into it,’ advises Barbara Sallick, co-founder, Waterworks.  ‘Edit your amenities often, hang your towels on bars or hooks, keep pattern to a minimum, and generally, make it simple. The room will feel bigger if you use a pedestal sink rather than a bulky vanity, a clear glass door rather than a shower curtain, and reflective surfaces such as glossy ceramic bathroom tile ideas in a large scale.’ Mirror and other reflective surfaces will help boost the sense of space. ‘Mirrored cabinets recessed into the wall will create useful storage, which doesn’t protrude into the room,’ says interior designer, Sophie Paterson.  ‘Wall-mounted vanity units and WC’s leave the floor free to make the room feel larger, while under-mounted basins tend to be better than surface-mounted ones because they leave more countertops available for pretty soaps, candles and diffusers.  Transform “dead” space under sloping ceilings with fitted storage to maximize space for toiletries and towels.’ According to Susan Cunningham of Studio Cunningham: ‘You should always think about the items that you hope to store in the bathroom, and make sure that you have thought through the design as to where you will house these items to ensure everything is close to hand.’ ‘The spare toilet paper needs to be near the WC for example, but preferably out of sight. If you have children, allocate space for cleaning agents and other harmful chemicals that’s out of reach.   Don’t overlook integrated small bathroom lighting ideas. It will help you view contents more easily and can also be used for design effect.  In small bathrooms, choose mirror-fronted furniture to create a spacious feel and don’t waste the area around the sink waste – built-in  drawers will conceal them and are perfect for washing essentials. Also decide early on if you will use the bathroom to store spare bedding, extra towels or a laundry bin.’