We’ve curated a selection of creative solutions to create a small TV room scheme that you can be proud of, whether that be alongside statement artwork, disguised within a wall storage, or blending into a dark living room background. 

Small TV room ideas

For most households, the TV is an essential tool for helping us unwind, keeping the kids entertained, and facilitating cozy movie nights. The problem is, it’s not the prettiest piece of interior decor – when switched off, it’s essentially a large black box. Here, we showcase our favorite small living room TV ideas and family room TV ideas that cater beautifully to TVs in tiny rooms.

1. Opt for a variety of flexible small seating 

‘Adding poufs, stools or benches will help to maximize your space in a small TV room,’ says Danielle Chiprut, founder and creative principal at Danielle Rose Design (opens in new tab).  ‘These pieces add extra seating for guests, but they don’t make your room feel stuffy or overcrowded. When they are not needed for extra living room seating, these versatile pieces can be stored away under a console or used as an ottoman for lounging.’

2. Conceal wires in a bespoke media cabinet

‘In this living room, the TV television is float mounted on the wall, avoiding the mess of wires and cables, surrounded with cantilevered shelving which sits above custom cabinetry,’ says Clara Ewart, head of design at Kitesgrove (opens in new tab). ‘The display shelving is decorated with books, artworks and other decorative objects, while the cupboards beneath provide streamlined, concealed joinery.’

3. Zone a small open plan tv room with wallpaper 

‘This small TV room gets a lot of sunlight, so I was able to work with some darker colors and textures without the room feeling too dark,’ says Galina Holechek, designer at Galina Renee Interior Design Studio (opens in new tab).  ‘My client fell in love with this Phillip Jeffries wallpaper in the first presentation, and that laid the foundation for the whole room. A mixture of warm tones with deep rich colors, I love that this room seats around five to six people without feeling cramped. The fact that it’s right off of the kitchen helps it not to feel too claustrophobic or cut off.’

4. Play with proportions and materials

At first glance, this small TV room appears to be spacious and large, however, this long living space is actually quite narrow. ‘If there’s one thing that’s going to create the illusion of more space in a long living room, it’s decluttering – it can actually make a room feel wider in seconds,’ says digital editor at Homes & Gardens, Jennifer Ebert. ‘This living room layout features clever low-level living room furniture that doesn’t impede on the diminutive proportions of the room.’

5. Use curves to soften harsh corners

The curvaceous furniture trend is back, and it works beautifully in a family room or bedroom TV space,’ says Erin Coren and Lina Calváo, co-founders of Curated Nest Interiors (opens in new tab).  ‘With the emphasis today on the home as a family space, used for entertainment, regimented rows of sectionals and clinical design can look a little stark in a small room.’ ‘Full-on voluptuous or subtly rounded, curves will lift the small layout and soften the overall look of your room, adding a  bold design focus or a subtle touch of shaping to your décor.’

6. Use accent pieces of furniture 

‘The small TV room acts as the home’s entertainment hub, an area where you can switch off at the end of the day and chat casually with family,’ say Jen and Mar, co-founders of Interior Fox (opens in new tab).   ‘To create a refined look that adds balance in the room, introduce an accent pieces of furniture such as an occasional chair, coffee table and a floor lamp. This set up will allow the room to feel more sociable and multifunctional should you wish to turn the TV off and use as a space to host guests.’

7. Hide or disguise your TV 

‘This TV room optimizes space with the creation of a bespoke cabinet that accommodates a cozy gas fireplace, tons of cookbooks for the neighboring kitchen, a secret door to the pantry and a sliding panel to hide the TV when not in use,’ says Mindy O’Connor, principal of Melinda Kelson O’Connor Architecture & Interiors (opens in new tab). ‘Two comfortable and whimsical chairs pair with the simple striped living room sofa to make a small footprint that is warm and inviting, but open to other spaces.’ ‘The patio doors were created to let in light and mirror the original woodwork in the house. They allow the TV room to go from occupying the back corner of a grand house to becoming a more central room from both inside and out. It’s perfect for a cup of tea, watching TV or evening cocktails while meals are being prepped, both informal for the family, but elegant enough for guests.’  

8. Introduce a sectional in a narrow space

‘Small doesn’t mean a space can’t feel designed and functional, this small TV room is the perfect Bohemian living space that can accommodate more than a few comfortably,’ says Kendra Nash, principal designer of Nash Design Group (opens in new tab). ‘Natural light and comfortable, yet appropriately sized furnishings make even the smallest of spaces feel large.’

9. Create a feature out of your TV

‘Rather than hanging the TV on a white wall, we decided to create a custom millwork piece to add color and distinction to this Classic 7 pre-war apartment den,’ says Matthew Miller, principal and founder of StudioLAB (opens in new tab). ‘The dark blue lacquered wall unit, which surrounds the TV and serves as a place to display accessories, delivers a sharp contrast to the otherwise neutral-colored room and creates a more modern flow of living space. The unit floats off the floor, while the grid pattern adds an interesting visual dimension for a clean, modern look.’

How do you arrange a TV in a small room?

Arranging a TV in a small room is easy than you might think. There are no set rules on where to place a TV in a small room, it all depends on your individual needs.  Working out where your larger pieces of furniture are going to be placed is a great way to start, as this will then narrow down your options. Another thing to consider are the light levels in the room and making sure the TV isn’t positioned in an space that is often overwhelmed by sunlight, making it difficult to watch.