While the best and worst bedroom colors for sleep often prioritize color psychology and style – sleep and spiritual experts have shared that they may be having an impact on your waking life, too. 

The unluckiest colors to paint your bedroom

From white to purple, some of the most popular bedroom paint ideas may be bringing you bad luck. Here are the five most unfortunate shades, according to experts. 

1. Black 

Black bedroom ideas are among the boldest of decor choices, creating cozy, intimate spaces, but this color may be bringing you bad luck, warns Tara Bennet, an astrologer, clairvoyant, and spiritual coach at Mediumchat (opens in new tab) ‘Black, regardless of the undertone, brings a heavy feeling to a bedroom, clouding spirituality and blocking positivity,’ she says, adding that the shade represents death and can, therefore, bring a ‘sense of doom that will stop luck in its tracks’. The astrologer is not alone in her observations. Vanessa Osorio, a sleep health content specialist from Sleepopolis (opens in new tab), adds that ’the shade can promote feelings of sadness, anger, and fear’ that ’enhance symptoms of depression’. Not only is black in interior design considered to be an unlucky color in many cultures, but its dark intensity promotes feelings of sadness, anger, and fear and can enhance or promote symptoms of depression. ‘Painting your bedroom black will most likely only create an unhappy environment for you to live in,’ Vanessa explains.

2. Purple 

Purple is associated with wealth, meaning it is an ever-popular bedroom hue. However, Tara warns that its luxury comes with an unlucky undertone.  ‘Although purple represents royalty and opulence, like black, it is a color that is associated with death,’ she says. ‘Surrounding yourself with negative vibes will block good fortune from entering your dreams and your waking life.’

3. White 

We are big fans of white bedrooms, with H&G’s Editor in Chief professing to loving hers.  However, according to Tara Bennet, she could be bringing bad fortune on herself. ‘White is the cleanest of all colors and represents purity. Typically white creates boosts positivity throughout the house but should be avoided in the bedroom,’ Tara says.  While this may be surprising, the expert warns that white is particularly problematic if you are trying to build a family, as the tone represents sterility. Therefore, despite its popularity, this tone is the ‘unluckiest’ you can choose in the most intimate room of the home. 

4. Brown

For reasons similar to black, brown should also be avoided in the bedroom. Vanessa explains that this shade also promotes feelings of depression while making your space feel dull rather than therapeutic.  ‘Using any of these colors in the bedroom can greatly increase the risk of developing perpetual feelings of sadness or depression and will most likely cause your overall sleep quality to suffer.’

5. Dark gray

Gray bedroom ideas are perennially popular. Though, the experts warn against going too dark in your bedroom. Like black and dark brown, the shade is described as an unlucky color that is better left outside the bedroom.  ‘Dark gray can also make your room feel restricted and can be very physically and emotionally draining,’ Vanessa says. ‘Staying away from colors [like gray] that evoke intense, negative physical and emotional reactions is crucial for your overall health.’ Avoiding these colors may improve your sleeping habits, but you may also see prosperity in your waking life, too. Will you rethink your scheme for good luck?