Some of their 2022 interior design trend predictions were on the nose, such as Coastal Grandmother, and a resurgence of pink palettes – see the most recent adoration for Barbiecore. So if you want to take a giant leap into the near future, the sharing and social platform have released their picks for 2023, and you should see them.  Here are seven of our favorite Pinterest home trends to look forward to in 2023, which we’ve broken down into H&G-forward tips to inspire you to create a home that nods to the future.

As 2022 comes to a close, it is fair to say that a lot has changed. From the growing importance of sustainable materials to elegant elements and a celebration of individuality and uniqueness, the Pinterest home trend 2023 edit will provide you with a curated look at what we’ll be inviting into our home. 

1. Welcome with a front porch that exudes curb appeal 

Designing a home with universal aesthetic appeal may seem like a tall order, but it shouldn’t be an afterthought. While 2022 might have seen us wanting to spend time in our backyards, 2023 will see us smartening up the front yard too.  Greet visitors, yourself, and your family with attractive front porch ideas that aren’t a blot on your home’s landscape. ‘Your chosen front door ideas and front yard walkway can say so much about the occupants: The entrance is the first encounter for you, your visitors, and the interiors that lie within, so getting it just right should be a priority,’ says designer Monique Tollgard, founder, Tollgard Design (opens in new tab).  If you are in doubt about where to begin, Monique offers this advice: ‘The front door colors we use allow us to introduce the “red thread” of the house immediately, so it is a good starting point. For us, the entrance is so important; it is the start of the story and first and last impressions are so important.’

2. Entice with orange elements

Vibrant and inviting, Pinterest predicts that deep orange will be making its way into our homes in 2023. Why will we be decorating with orange, you ask? Deep orange packs a punch and is full of optimism and hope. In fact, we have already spotted orange entering the design space. Sophisticated and versatile, the new burnt oranges gracing interiors are rich and radiant. ‘For me, the home should be filled with bright colors and bold patterns as they add personality to a space,’ says Emma Deterding, founder, Kelling Designs (opens in new tab). ‘Orange shades are a great choice – they bring an uplifting feel during the day and can help create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere in the evening, showing how versatile this color is in a different light.’  If using orange as an all-over seems overwhelming, invest in accent and smaller additions instead. ‘Color will always look great when scaled and balanced correctly,’ says Tess MacGeachy, interior designer, Amber Yard (opens in new tab). ‘Incorporate orange elements in the rug, the pattern on a chair, or on a piece of artwork’ Sarah Peake, the founder of Studio Peake (opens in new tab), agrees: ‘Orange is perhaps not a color people think about when designing a scheme – which is a shame as it can really stand out from, but also complement, a more neutral background as we have above with this blue and grey palette.’ 

3. Prioritize wellness showers over baths 

No bathtub? That won’t be a problem come 2023. Pinterest predicts that showering and spa-like showers, in particular, will be taking on a whole new level of importance, and they are not the only ones in agreement.  ‘In today’s fast-paced world, wellness and self-care have never been more important, says Graff (opens in new tab) CEO and president Ziggy Kulig. Whether you want to refresh or relax, a blissful shower can boost wellbeing and create a sense of everyday indulgence.  ‘Creating a wellness experience in the shower depends on the personal needs and rituals of each individual,’ says Holger Struck, spokesperson for Dornbracht. ‘For example, some people prefer a spacious showering area, open to the room, while others prefer a more enclosed, cozy space.’ An internal room without windows will rely on artful lighting for its soothing atmosphere, perhaps less essential in a shower area with a sense of calm provided by a view of a secluded, plant-filled garden. If you want a shower that considers the senses; ‘Look for a showerhead that can provide a multisensory experience, as color, light, sound, and fragrance can all be used to boost the effect of water in soothing and invigorating the body,’ comments Ziggy. Some heads have built-in lighting and chromotherapy (color-changing lighting) options, built-in sound, and aromatherapy systems to enhance the experience.’

4. Seek comfort with organic and fluid designs 

While we’re all for timeless, classic design, it’s always fun to spot a new furniture trend. The new year is often a time when we start to think about updating our interiors and investing in new pieces of furniture.  With the emphasis today on the home as a family space, used for socializing and relaxing as well as preparing food, regimented rows of units and clinical design can look a little stark, which is why Pinterest predicts that we will move away from ultra-modern interiors and onto more gentle, fluid shapes.  Full-on voluptuous or gently rounded, curvaceous designs will lift the layout and soften the overall look of your room, adding a  bold design focus or a subtle touch of shaping to your home décor ideas.

5. Introduce simplicity outdoors with naturalistic and drought-tolerant planting

A new aesthetic of naturalistic and drought-tolerant planting compositions with a simplicity of design inspired by the surrounding landscape is emerging – creating backyard retreats that look and feel completely at home in their environment. With the challenges of climate change, there is an increasing need to select resilient plants suited to the soil, aspect, site, and climatic conditions, which will also increase biodiversity.  This shift towards sustainability that doesn’t forgo style or quality has seen more and more people consider dry and gravel garden ideas, too. A gravel garden is a practical and low-maintenance option to include in a sunny, weed-free and well-drained position. Allow some plants to self-seed among the gravel for a more natural look. Good plant choices are herbs, such as ribbons of lavender and thyme, euphorbia and nepeta. Hard landscaping is an integral part of the Mediterranean garden, broken up by splashes of vibrant color. Ideal for smaller spaces, a natural stone patio terrace is an eco-friendly alternative to brick and will last a lifetime. The Pinterest report also suggested a rise in the use of rain chains (+35%), and rock garden ideas (+70%), with both boomers and Gen Z wanting to conserve more water. 

6. Let maximalist designs take center stage

Maximalism has long held a place in interior design, and its charming over-the-top whimsy and showstopping credentials will continue to enchant and inspire in 2023, according to Pinterest. Maximalist decor as a design movement is very much in vogue. While maximalist interiors may often appear busy at first glance, a knowledgeable and experienced hand ensures the difference between a curated and cluttered room. So while ‘more might be more’, this current trend shouldn’t equal mess. Think of your space as a carefully curated Aladdin’s cave of treasures, with each item on display even more fascinating than the last.  ‘If in doubt, be bold,’ advises Tiffany Duggan, founder and director of Studio Duggan (opens in new tab). ‘Clients hardly ever regret strong color choices but I am forever being asked how to rectify and inject personality into rather dull characterless spaces,’ she says. ‘I often use objects and furniture already in their possession to curate a room that is loved and cherish.’

7. Invite celebrations back into your life by creating a social space

Parties and joyous celebrations are making a welcome return for 2023.  From layouts to lounge chairs, Pinterest expects us to create a place that’s a haven for entertaining. To do so, make sure you include the right elements. Eating and drinking arrangements are at the top of the list, followed by practicalities such as heating, lighting, and seating. Then all you have to think about is styling up the different spaces you’ve created to add comfort and adding the finishing decorative touches for special occasions. The easiest place to create a social space is within the kitchen, especially one with an island. A breakfast bar around an island will boost your kitchen’s social status immeasurably. Encourage guests to settle down, and stay out of the cook’s way, by selecting bar stools for comfort as well as looks.