According to experts, Digital Lavender allows consumers to preserve their mental wellbeing by offering a sense of stability and balance. The shade allows people to follow ‘recuperative rituals’ that will promote calmness and hints of serenity throughout their everyday lives.  The fantastical color is also a response to digital culture, as WGSN expects the tone will ‘converge across virtual and physical worlds.’  After shaping color trends, we can expect to see lavender come through in therapeutic home decor accessories, mood-boosting lighting, and even hand-held electronics. Forecasters are similarly praising Digital Lavender for its gender-inclusive qualities, which is expected to broaden into all design industries by 2023. It is, therefore, the perfect gender-neutral nursery idea – but it will also look futuristically chic in every room of your home.  ‘I’ve always been lavender skeptical, perhaps because I’m insecure in my own masculinity? Well, I’m insecure no more! Lavender is the pastel du jour, and I am obsessed with it,’ emphasizes designer Jonathan Adler (opens in new tab), whose recent designs similarly pay homage to the contemporary hue. With Digital Lavender set to become the shade of the moment, color companies are unsurprisingly falling for its contemporary allure, including these shade Lick (above). But with Lavender set to be big news, it’s important to know how to style its shade in your interiors.  Here, experts share their tips for this upcoming paint trend – because there’s nothing like setting the trend for 2023 in 2021. 

1. Save lavender for an accent wall 

‘Lavender conjures a charming and sophisticated feel, visions of rolling purple fields in Provence with delicate floral scents,’ shares paint expert and Design Director at Andrew Martin (opens in new tab), David Harris. He recommends using lavender on your walls but encourages you to give your space room to breathe by creating an accent wall.  ‘Having all the walls in a room painted lavender can be a bit too much, so an accent wall is preferred,’ David says. 

2. Pair lavender with neutral tones 

What is the best way to bring the color of 2023 into your home? To pair it with the color of 2021, naturally. David suggests adding a further modern twist to the purple hue by pairing it with a soft gray for a ‘cool and contemporary scheme.’ Is this the power couple of the roaring 2020s? We think so.  Beyond gray living room ideas, Jonathan Adler similarly recommends experimenting with other neutral favorites, including ‘navy, chocolate brown, taupe, and white.’ 

3. Choose a pastel lavender alongside bold furnishings  

Digital Lavender oozes a certain subtly that you can almost categorize as pastel-like. But how can you bring this soft aesthetic into your scheme? Creative Director at Little Greene, Ruth Mottershead, recommends creating a juxtaposition between these soft tones alongside monochromatic home decor pieces.  ‘Lighter tones are a great way to add a soft touch of color while providing a more contemporary finish in your interior,’ she says. Ruth notes two shades that are similar to that of Lavender – Pink Slip (opens in new tab), and Hellebore (opens in new tab), which ‘provide a backdrop to contrasting furnishings or colors.’ We’d hate to wish time away, but we’ve already redesigned our modern living room ideas to get ready for the years ahead. 2023, our interiors are ready for you. More information about Coloro + WGSN’s Color of the Year is available here (opens in new tab).