The shade in question comes in the shape of Sulking Room Pink, a muted rose tone by Farrow and Ball. According to a recent study*, Sulking Room Pink is at the peak of color trends this season – after acquiring 14,800 average global monthly searches (4000 more than the shade in second place).  The top five hues all differ in their aesthetic – with some being pink and others yellow. Though, despite their differences, the colors all have one thing in common: they’re all Farrow & Ball. Therefore, when it comes to following paint trends, you could do far worse than opting for this British paint powerhouse.  Here’s what you need to know about the top five shades, so you can get acquainted with what’s in demand right now. 

1. Sulking Room Pink by Farrow and Ball

If you don’t already know about Sulking Room Pink (opens in new tab), you will do soon. This romantic shade is officially the trendiest shade of the moment – and there is a lot to love about this popular pink room idea.  Farrow & Ball describe the shade as not ‘overtly pink,’ but rather a muted rose with enormous warmth, which makes it easy to pair with complementary tones. And, you would be right in thinking that Sulking Room Pink has an escapist aesthetic, as the color is reminiscent of colors used in boudoirs  – named after the French ‘bouder’  – meaning ’to sulk.’ Sulking Room Pink gathered 4,800 average global monthly searches, making it the most popular paint of the season with a strong lead of 4000. However, we expect this pink will prolong for many fall’s to come. 

2. Peignoir by Farrow & Ball

After gathering 10,800 average monthly searches worldwide, Peignoir (opens in new tab) is the second most popular fall shade.  It’s easy to see the appeal behind this uniquely blended color combination of grey and pink is said to have a unique depth that brings your autumn scheme to life. It pairs particularly well alongside neutral hues and deep, dark accents that create a chic contact in your space. 

3. Dead Salmon by Farrow & Ball

In third place is Dead Salmon (opens in new tab), following 9,800 searches on average last month. This shade is officially categorized as red, but there is no denying that this hue has the flirtatious charm of pink – the most beautiful color of a room.  Dead Salmon is described as the ‘perfect backdrop for candlelit rooms,’ but we would add that it’s the perfect entryway idea, especially when painted with pops of playful green. 

4. India Yellow by Farrow & Ball

Taking the fourth spot with an 8,750 average monthly search is India Yellow (opens in new tab) – arguably the most stand-out shade in the top five.  This deep mustard yellow creates a cozy yet surprisingly un-yellow space, especially when used alongside a dark tone that creates the ultimate scheme for fall. It will conjure up warmth in your living space as the nights get longer, but it will no doubt shine when spring comes around the corner in 2023. 

Pink Ground by Farrow & Ball

Lastly, Farrow and Ball’s Pink Ground (opens in new tab) rounds up the top 5 after recording 7,250 average monthly searches. This dusty tone is admired for its dose of yellow pigment and is best complemented with darker hues for a warm, inviting atmosphere – and it’s really all we crave this fall.  *Study by Alan Boswell Landlord Building Insurance (opens in new tab)