While long-term solutions (such as upgrading your air conditioning or investing in the best mattress for the heat) are consistently effective, they are not as easily accessible – especially if you only have several hours to forge a response.  However, knowing how to sleep better in the heat doesn’t need to be time-consuming. Instead, you can achieve a comfortable slumber with one time-honored essential: a hot water bottle. Despite its juxtaposition, a hot water bottle is one of the most effective ways to keep a home cool in a heatwave – and it’s also one of the easiest (and quickest) methods to follow. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Using a hot water bottle to cool your home – the quick method to success

‘Believe it or not, your hot water bottle can be used as an easy way to cool down your bed before sleep,’ says Jonathan Warren, director at mattress specialist Time4Sleep (opens in new tab). The process behind the trick is simple.  ‘Fill your hot bottle as normal and leave it in the freezer for a few hours before bedtime to transform into a nifty ice pack,’ Jonathan says. We recommend leaving the bottle for around 5-6 hours, where possible, to allow the bottle to freeze completely.  ‘When you’re ready for bed, place the hot water bottle in between the sheets and allow the sheets to cool down,’ Jonathan says. ‘For those who struggle to fall asleep during the heat, this little hack may prove to be especially useful in helping you drift off [ease-free].’  And while a hot water bottle is one way to cool down without a significant investment, there are even more bedroom ideas that only require a few hours of planning on a hot day. Andy Kerr, the founder at BOXT (opens in new tab), recommends blocking out direct sunlight and heat by ensuring your blinds and curtains are closed during the day. This will prevent a room from getting too hot before it’s too late by keeping them cool throughout the day.  ‘It’s also wise to open all internal doors if you’re trying to cool a room down, as this will maximize airflow through the house,’ he adds.  Whether you use a hot water bottle exclusively or opt for both tricks for maximum success – these tips will ensure you sleep faster and for longer throughout the summer.