The model of the moment? The Le Creuset 5.25-Quart Deep Dutch Oven. The Deep Dutch oven typically retails for about $380, and if and when it does go on sale, the best discount we’ve seen on a similar product is a price of around $250, but that has all changed today, ahead of Black Friday with the Le Creuset 5.25-Quart Dutch Oven reaching a low of under $200 on Nordstrom (opens in new tab) and other places. Even more promising, you have your pick of colors to choose from, whether you’re after a classic Cerise red or a moodier Artichaut green. So, what are you waiting for? Among the best Dutch ovens, this is one promo you’re not going to want to miss out on for holiday gift-giving, or yourself.

Best Le Creuset 5.25-Quart Deep Dutch Oven deals

The 5.25-quart is sized to feed five or six people, making it versatile for families or those looking to meal prep. The Deep Dutch Oven is best suited for soups, stews, deep frying, and even fried chicken. It varies slightly from Le Creuset’s Signature Round Dutch Oven, one of our favorite Dutch ovens, with a higher rim to prevent splattering or boiling over and takes up less capacity on the stovetop.

The Deep Dutch Oven measures 13" wide with handles, has a 7.5" diameter and rises 7.5" tall with the lid on.  Comparably, the Signature round stands 7" tall with a lid and has a slightly larger 10.25" diameter.  A Le Creuset Dutch Oven is relatively easy to care for and a vibrant addition to your kitchen collection.  We admire the Le Creuset products for their timeless durability, easy non-stick porcelain enamel that requires no seasoning or upkeep, and they’re unparalleled heat retention. Le Creuset says its Dutch ovens are also dishwasher safe, but we advise handwashing for the longevity of your item.