The penthouse loft is hidden amid one of the city’s most prominent historic landmarks – the Eastern Columbia Building, an Art Deco building designed by Claud Beelman on Broadway.  With its prestigious postcode, neutral scheme, and cityscape view, the apartment is amongst the most notable listings in California – and consequently one of the world’s best homes. Here, we tour the iconic property. Actor Johnny Depp is best known for his roles in Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, and Sweeney Todd. He married his former wife Amber Heard, who starred in Aquaman, in 2015. The couple was married for 15 months, and during this time, they called the Eastern Columbia Building their home. Johnny Depp previously owned five of the penthouses atop the Eastern Columbia Building. However, following his divorce from Amber in 2016, the actor listed and sold all of them for a total of $12.78 million.  This two-story apartment spans 1,780 square feet of living space – featuring one bedroom, two bathrooms, and an open-plan living and dining space. The primary living area is a maze of contemporary decorating ideas – exhibited primarily through its intimate lounge area that plays with brown, neutral tones on the staircase landing. These soft room color ideas continue throughout the open-plan living area that overlooks the famous concrete skyline. While the space showcases raw, industrial bones through its high ceilings and large windows, it is softened by its experimental textiles – from its selection of pillows to the rugs that dominate the hardwood flooring.  This space is similarly a trove of open-plan kitchen ideas – as exhibited above. Here, the metallic kitchen creates a welcome contrast between the rich textures and hardwood in the living room to differentiate between the two spaces with materials.   A large dining table interrupts the open living space – separating the living and cooking area – and creates a space to dine between the two areas.  Upstairs, the master bedroom continues to follow a similar scheme – combining the harsh features (such as the brick wall and high-beamed ceilings) with a curation of patterns and textiles that bring a modern coastal-inspired aesthetic to the space.  While these interiors are noteworthy, the loft’s exteriors are equally as impactful. In 2006, the famous apartment building became condominiums with a host of city garden ideas – including the rooftop saltwater pool and live wall seen above.  Listing agents from Douglas Elliman Realty (opens in new tab) add that the property has a spa, a Zen garden, and a fitness studio that overlooks the city.   Ernie Carswell and Rick Tyberg of Douglas Elliman hold the listing. Photos Courtesy of TopTenRealEstateDeals (opens in new tab).