Experts are taking this culinary staple out of their pantry and into their gardens as a pest prevention method that is entirely natural and safe for pests in your yard. So, if you’re looking for how to get rid of gnats in plants, it is hard to go wrong with this trick.  This garden idea is natural, accessible, and sustainable, and it smells like your favorite festive treats. It is also making headlines on social media, where experts are currently turning to this natural fungicide to regain power over their plants this season. But what makes this spice so powerful? Here, garden experts share what you need to know. 

How does cinnamon deter gnats?

‘While cinnamon conjures up memories of Christmas and gingerbread for most, the smell repulses gnats and other insects like ants and spider mites,’ says Garden Bench’s (opens in new tab) expert Chris Chan. ‘It is a humane method of getting rid of gnats in the house, as it won’t kill them. Instead, it discourages them from loitering around your plants and laying their eggs in the soil and moving on to more fertile grounds. ’ Alongside its strong aroma, expert  Jonny Livingston from Gardeners Dream (opens in new tab) adds that this spice works as a fungicide to destroy the fungus that larvae feed on in the soil. The trick is simple. You sprinkle cinnamon across the top layer of soil in the plant pot and simply wait for its benefits.  And while this works in your garden, it is just as effective for your best indoor plants too. ‘If you notice gnats around your plants or your plant suffering, put a few drops of cinnamon oil around your plant in the soil, and it will help bring your plant back to life,’ Johnny says.

Benefits of using cinnamon in soil 

‘You also have the added benefit that cinnamon is a natural fungicide, which helps to control any unwanted mushroom growth,’ the expert adds.  And the best part? Whatever you don’t use in your soil, you can cook up in your kitchen ideas, especially when Christimas comes around.  And while cinnamon is an example of how you can use natural methods to control gnats naturally, it is not exclusive in its powers. Experts are also using orange peel to deter pests – including slugs, ants, and fruit flies. Will you pick these ingredients up next time you’re shopping?