It is unsurprising, therefore, that there are a host of front door colors to avoid in terms of practicality and design – but what about wellness and the meaning behind Feng Shui front door colors?  As psychology becomes increasingly important in the design world, the question of how our front door color ideas impact our daily lives has never felt so prominent. And this includes the colors that may have a negative influence on your luck. But which color is the most impactful?  We asked spiritual experts what color is bad luck for a front door, and they’re responses may prompt you to re-evaluate your front door ideas for good. 

What color is bad luck for a front door? 

Black is the unluckiest color for a front door, according to spiritual experts. ‘The color black is very stylish for the odd accent, but picking black as the main color for a bedroom or a front porch is not advisable,’ warns celebrity psychic and esoteric expert Inbaal Honigman (opens in new tab). Inbaal explains that the color is linked with ‘secrets and lies’ and consequently won’t promote honesty in the home – meaning it is better avoided on your front door.  And Sofia Celestino, a spiritual coach from Destiny Awakens (opens in new tab), agrees. ‘Black is often associated with death and misfortune, so it’s not surprising some people believe it’s bad luck to have a black front door,’ she says. The hue is ‘associated with darkness and the unknown’ and can often ‘represent the negative aspects of life that we hope to keep out.’ Therefore, it is the last color you would want to incorporate into your front door design.  Alongside black, both experts agree that red should also be avoided when choosing a color for your front door.  ‘Red is a color of action, fitness, and passion. It is also a color of discord and arguments,’ Inbaal explains. It would be ‘far too risky for a front door’ as it represents a ‘house of quarrels.’ Sofia also emphasizes that using red is one of the most unlucky front door mistakes you can make, as the color symbolizes anger and danger. 

Which color on a door represents good luck?

Dark green is the luckiest color you can paint your door, according to Inbaal. This is welcome news for those who want to experiment with one tone at the peak of current color trends to make a lasting first impression.  ‘Dark green is an increasingly popular color for interiors, and spiritually it is linked with the heart chakra, so it is a color of love,’ the expert says. ‘It is also a color of mental peace, and is reminiscent of the crystal diopside, which is healing and nurturing. It’s certainly a lucky color to include in a heart-centered palette, and for a front door that is fortunate and blessed.’