If you’re looking for front door color ideas that do more than create a good impression, it may be time to consider the spiritual power of your chosen hues. And while you may know how to make your front door more attractive in terms of design, the world of well-being may seem slightly less explored.  So, what color is good luck for a front door? Experts are turning to these hues for good fortune. 

What color is good luck for a front door?

You may have asked yourself, ‘what should I put outside my front door for luck?’. However, you can build on this by pairing such features with the right front door color.  ‘Different cultures have different rituals and beliefs,’ says Emily Newman, a spiritual expert from Best of Psychic Reader (opens in new tab). ‘People’s front doors are typically painted black, brown, or white. So, if you don’t want to change the color of your door and are afraid it is natural, try new colors for good luck.’ The ’luckiest’ color depends on two factors: your spiritual beliefs and the way your door is facing. The tones differ if you follow Vastu shastra or feng shui front ideas – so the experts discussed both below.

The best front door colors for luck, according to Feng Shui

In feng shui teaching, Emily explains that you should paint your front door aqua blue or navy blue if facing north – or orange or red if facing south. Meanwhile, green or blue colors are appropriate for east-facing doors – and white or grey is ‘ideal for west-facing front doors.’ However, if you do not like your color, Charlotte Kirsten, a metaphysical practitioner and founder of Typically Topical (opens in new tab), suggests there could be a prosperous alternative: red.  ‘Associated with power, creativity, and good fortune, red is traditionally one of the luckiest colors in the world,’ Charlotte says. ‘Intertwined with the element of fire, red unleashes new life, vitality, and positivity. Through the modality of feng shui, red has the potential to transform negative energy into its lighter aspects; warmth, passion, inspiration, and protection.’  This color is especially popular in the East, where red is thought to ‘represent royalty, power, and financial riches.’

The best front door colors for luck, according to Vastu shastra

Compared to the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, Vastu shastra texts explore the traditional Indian architecture system (through the principles of design, layout, and measurements).  Emily explains that in Vastu shastra, south and southeast-facing doors should be silver and orange, while those facing southwest doors are better painted yellow. Meanwhile, she recommends turning the northeast doors blue – and western doors blue and white. However, it is better to avoid south facing entrances where possible. ‘It is not good, according to Vastu. Still, you can settle for the southeast,’ Emily warns.  For northern facing front door color ideas, Vastu shastra’s teaching urges you to go green. North-western doors should be white and cream, and eastern doors should be white or light blue.

Why do people paint their front door red?

Red is a popular front door color because of its association with ‘power, creativity, and good fortune,’ says Emily Newman, a spiritual expert from Best of Psychic Reader. She explains that the hue is particularly lucky for those who follow feng shui. However, in the US, it is also said to create the sense of a ‘welcoming’ home to all who visit. 

What do black front doors mean?

In some cultures, this hue can signify power and authority. However, some spiritual experts warn that it is bad luck for a front door, associating the color with ‘secrets and lies’ – meaning it is at the peak of the front door colors to avoid – whichever way your house is facing.