When choosing kitchen color ideas, you may look for a shade that spurs productivity, provokes conversation, and complements your home’s overall scheme – but your colorful kitchen ideas should make you feel good, too. And while there is an ever-growing emphasis on psychology – and the impact of color on our psyche – our spiritual well-being remains less discovered. This includes the color that is unlucky for a kitchen. The answer, unfortunately, comes in the shape of gray: the shade that has spent seasons dominating color trends in the kitchen. But what makes this tone so controversial in the spiritual world? Here, experts explain why this tone may bring you bad luck in the busiest room of your home. 

What color is unlucky for a kitchen? 

‘Gray is the color that won’t make anyone feel safe and secure in the kitchen,’ warns Yulia Winslow, an author and expert astrologer from Pisces Club (opens in new tab).  According to Yulia, the kitchen is the worst place to introduce gray, as it is where we make and eat food. Therefore, finding security in this room is vital – but this color won’t bring us the safety we need. ‘Security is one of the most important functions of this part of the home. So I would recommend avoiding grey in the kitchen,’ she adds.  And Yulia is not exclusive in her warning. Emily Newman, a psychic reader and spiritual healer from Best of Psychic Readers (opens in new tab), similarly reinforces the suggestion – whilst sharing the problem with other moody kitchen ideas, too.  ‘In general, kitchen colors such as grey, brown, or black should be avoided,’ Emily says. ‘In the kitchen, brown can denote dirt or mold.’ The expert also urges against blue kitchen ideas ‘since it represents Varuna, the water deity, and a kitchen is where fire reigns.’ She adds that, in some cultures, people also consider the white as a symbol of death and sorrow. Therefore, in some cases, all-white kitchen ideas may also be an unlucky choice.   ‘People want to ensure they have picked the correct design for their kitchen since kitchens are frequently the most expensive room in a house,’ she says. ‘The improper color might detract from the aesthetics of your kitchen and make it unappealing to spend time there.’

What color is the unluckiest?

In the kitchen, spiritual experts would argue that will gray is the unluckiest. However, if you’re looking at the rest of the home, the answer may change. Emily suggests that black comes with the most unlucky connotations. ‘There is no doubt that black is a dark color, but it is also considered unlucky in many cultures,’ she says. It is associated with evil and death.’