The Feng Shui death position originates from the ancient Chinese practice of lining death beds along the pathway of the door.  When it comes to perfecting a Feng Shui bedroom layout you should always start with the Feng Shui bed placement to ensure that this important piece of furniture is in its best possible position for positive energy flows. Here, experts have explained what the death position means for the energy in your home, and what you can do to correct it. 

What is the death position in a bedroom for Feng Shui?  

Feng Shui expert Melissa Waite Stamps explains that ‘a bed should never directly face and point toward the door with the feet pointing at the door. This is the position many Asian countries use to carry out their dead.’ Some experts also believe that this applies to any position where your head is pointing towards the door too and makes up the Feng Shui death position. Fellow expert Johanna Augusta (opens in new tab) explains an alternative position that could put you at a disadvantage. ‘The ‘death’ or ‘coffin’ position in Feng Shui refers to a sleeping position where your head is pointing north. It is believed that this position can energetically cut you off from life force energy, and it is therefore not recommended.’  ‘It is really important to consider the layout of the room and make sure the bed is in the command position,’ Melissa recommends. ‘To get that information, look at a Bagua map. Based on where the door to the bedroom is, the best bed positions are usually Wealth, Fame, or Relationships (Love).’

Where should your bed go instead? 

Whilst there are a few solutions to the feng shui death position, the commanding position is the best. ‘A bed should always be placed behind the center line of the door to the room.  It should be in the Command Position, which is the widest view from the door on a diagonal of the space.’ explains Melissa. ‘It will be the furthest back left or back right area of the room. ‘It can sometimes be in the back center of the room but you should never place a bed under a window because it makes Chi vulnerable to unlucky influences.’  The command position can also help with creating a Feng Shui bedroom for good luck and should be considered for any bedroom Feng Shui projects. 

What to do if you cannot avoid the death position  

Hope is not lost if you cannot avoid the Feng Shui death position as there are a few ways to use good Feng Shui furniture placement to mitigate any negative energy effects. ‘If the door to the bedroom is opening and closing across their body, it can cause physical and energy conditions on that side of the body. The same is true if the bed is placed next to a closet door,’ discloses Melissa. ‘If there is no other option, hang a windchime or round faceted crystal from the ceiling between the bed and the door.’ ‘Hanging a crystal or using bedroom mirror Feng Shui in the north corner of your room will reflect back any negative energy and lead to a better sleep’ Johanna further explains. From a design perspective, using a bed with a footboard or placing a chest or bench at the base of your bed could help provide a sense of security by creating a ‘shield’ between your bed and the door as well as adding functionality and an interesting statement in your bedroom. ‘Learn about the Bagua so you understand the importance of the Command position, and create the most fortunate position for your deepest love, dreams, and sleep,’ concludes Melissa.

Which direction should a bed face in a bedroom?  

The best direction for a bed to face is towards the south. This both helps you to avoid the death position – it is also believed in Feng Shui traditions to help prevent sleep disorders such as insomnia and make you less lethargic in everyday life.  This position has been suggested as animals such as deer and cattle have been observed naturally aligning their bodies to face south when eating or resting so there appears to be a natural reason for this alignment.