If you’re already interested in feng shui front door colors, you may already know that your chosen hues influence your home’s energy. However, some of the most aesthetic (and practical) front door ideas are also thought to bring good luck to your home – from white lights to a fragrant lemon tree. Here’s what spiritual and well-being experts put outside their front door for luck – and what these front door design tricks could mean for you. 

What should I put outside my front door for luck?

You may have heard that blowing cinnamon at your front door at the start of a month is a spiritual way to promote positive beginnings. But there are some design decisions that you try at any point in the calendar. The experts begin with these five tips. 

1. Windchimes

In feng shui teaching, windchimes are admired for their ability to invite ‘chi’ into your home – meaning they are loved by those in the spiritual world. However, spiritual coach Tara Bennet from Mediumchat Group (opens in new tab) warns that you need to place your chimes carefully.  ‘If you hang chimes, it’s important to hang a mirror opposite your front door as it opens. This will reflect bad chi outwards and allow only positive chi to enter,’ she explains.  ‘Windchimes come in many shapes, styles, and colors, but they all create a positive energy that will bring good things to you and your home.’

2.  Lemon trees 

It’s easy to see the appeal behind a lemon tree. With their escapist aesthetic and citrus scent, these trees are a welcome addition to any terrace or porch. But this tree is even more than good-looking.  ‘Lemon trees are powerful plants symbolizing fertility, prosperity, and good health. Placing a lemon tree outside your front door protects your home and invites positivity inside,’ Tara says. She adds that, alongside their good fortune, you can also benefit from their fragrant blossom and fresh lemons, which you can include in your cleansing drinks.

3. White Lights 

The best front porch lighting ideas are those that are not only practical but lucky, too. This is the case with white lights, which Tara suggests are the most beneficial for your front door. ‘Surrounding your door with white lights illuminates the way home, allowing those that are lost to find their way back to you,’ she says. ‘White lights draw opportunities into your home, which can seem like good luck.’

4. Bells 

Bells are famous for bringing good luck to your home, and all for a good reason. Michele Lefler, a shamanic coach, and owner of Living Moon Meditation, (opens in new tab) recommends hanging them on your door handle as a ’talisman of protection’ against evil spirits. She explains that their sound is believed to ‘ward off evil spirits’ and ‘provide luck to those who live in your home.  ‘If bells are not an option (or in addition to them), wind chimes are good. The wind chime stirs up energy and attracts good fortune,’ she emphasizes. 

5. Lucky bamboo

Almost all plants have the ability to improve your wellbeing in some way, but (arguably) none more so than lucky bamboo. The auspicious plant, which derives from Chinese culture, is popular among wellness experts, including Michele, who recommends placing one outside your front door for good luck.  ‘Add a potted bamboo to your porch to draw in luck and prosperity. It’s also beautiful and easy to care for’ – in case you needed any other reason to bring this powerful plant into your exteriors.