So if you’re shopping the best throw blankets this winter, for yourself or gifts, think: heated blankets. Be warned, though – the best buys are quickly flying off the shelves. This is perhaps not very surprising when you work out just how little it costs to run an electric blanket compared to running central heating.  Better still? Not only are many of these electric blankets in stock, they’re on sale for Black Friday, too.

Where to find heated blankets in stock

This is where to find some of the best heated blankets in stock in the US to help you save money at home. We’ve also listed our top picks.

Do heated blankets use a lot of electricity?

While they obviously use more electricity than a regular blanket, a heated blanket’s energy use is usually minimal making them incredibly efficient heating devices. A more modern electric blanket typically only uses a few cents of electricity per hour.  The Homemate Heated Blanket (opens in new tab) isn’t just plush and good looking; it uses intelligent temperature adjustment technology so that when the room temperature rises, it adapts so that you’ll always feel like it’s at the perfect temperature, and save money in the process. With five heat levels, a four hour auto shut off, and one button control, plus a 10ft long cord, it’s a great buy. The  Shilucheng heated twin blanket (opens in new tab) with its Sherpa fleece is the perfect addition if you are looking to make a house look cozy this winter and, what’s more, is currently on sale. With a massive range of sizes, many of the colors are already out of stock. Shilucheng heated blanket is made of super soft flannel and fluffy Sherpa fabric, which greatly promotes heat penetration and warmth retention. Alternatively, for those who are either too hot or too cold and can never find the middle ground, the Homech Electric Heated Blanket (opens in new tab) offers not only fast heating but 10 different heating levels to ensure you find your perfect temperature, perfect for bolstering the efforts of a range of home heating types. Spending a bit more money can get you a top-of-the-range SunBeam WiFi Heated Blanket (opens in new tab) which allows you to heat your blanket up from anywhere in your home – ideal for if you want to warm your bed or sofa before snuggling up. Control this heated blanket from anywhere using the Sunbeam app, voice assistants, or wired digital controller. Pair with the Sunbeam app to customize your preferred settings and preheat directly from your phone so that you can enjoy curling up in a cozy warm bed.  If you are looking to try out a heated blanket for a slightly more friendly initial price, Walmart offers this microplush Sunbeam Heated Electric Throw Blanket (opens in new tab) currently on sale. It comes in a range of patterns, although it is on the smaller side. Easy to use detachable controller with 3 heat settings and a 3-hour auto-shut off feature for peace of mind

Is a heated blanket worth it?

A heated blanket is definitely worth it if you are looking for something to offer direct, comforting heat in cooler months. They are also incredibly energy efficient despite the often high upfront costs, making them a relatively cheap way of staying warm without heating a whole room or house.  With so many types of heated blankets to choose from, getting the right one for you is paramount to making the initial investment worth it. While many people used to ask ‘can you wash an electric blanket’ (with the answer a flat ’no’), the good news is that many are now machine washable, making them an ideal home addition.