While Feng Shui bedroom layout is conventionally linked to bed and mirror placement, experts have shared that the date you decorate similarly affects your space. And their advice couldn’t come at a better time – as the next significant day occurs in only a few days.  July 28th is the next best date to decorate and organize your bedroom – followed by August 27th next month. But what makes these days so impactful? Experts explain that they mark new moons in 2022 – meaning they are the best time to elevate your space. Here’s what you need to know about Feng Shui furniture placement and why it’s worth circling these days on this year’s calendar. 

Why should you rearrange your bedroom on July 28th?

In a conversation with Bensons for Beds (opens in new tab), Feng Shui expert Suzanne Roynon (opens in new tab) explains that a new moon is the best time to undergo change around in the bedroom. ‘It’s a great idea to use the two weeks after a full moon to clear, declutter and clean the space,’ she says. While Suzanna suggests that the two weeks following a new moon is the best time to introduce new bedroom storage ideas, Celebrity Psychic and Spiritual expert Ibaal Honigman adds that it is the best time to refresh your bedroom decor (or invest in new pieces). ‘The new moon is also great for a fresh start, so rearranging as the moon first starts shining its new, pale rays is auspicious,’ she says.  If you’re considering new bedroom furniture ideas but don’t want to invest before the 28th, then fear not. You still have more chances to enjoy new moon power later in the year. Other key dates are August 27th, September 25th, and October 25th.  ‘Whilst you may be used to waiting for an annual spring clean, spring isn’t the only time for a home rearrangement or bedroom makeover,’ a bed and interiors expert from Benson adds.   ‘Taking regular opportunities to refresh your bedroom space, declutter your home and reset your sleeping environment is a much better plan that, according to Feng Shui, should positively affect your wellbeing.’  So, whether you’re contemplating a bold new bedroom paint idea or you are looking for closet organization ideas, it may just be worth waiting for your cue from the moon.