Peace lily care is somewhat particular. ‘When it comes to humidity and temperature, the peace lily should be kept away from cold drafts, and will do best in a humid room, such as a bathroom,’ says Samantha Jones, Gardening and Plant Expert at My Job Quote (opens in new tab). ‘However, you can place your peace lily on display elsewhere in your home and mist the plant every few days to mimic this environment.’ Even so, it’s likely that every now and then, your peace lily will droop. This is what to do about it when it does.

Why is my peace lily drooping?

‘Your peace lily could be drooping because it’s had a chill, has been overwatered or under watered,’ says Claire Bishop, Senior Houseplant Buyer at Dobbies Garden Centres (opens in new tab). Here, we tackle each of the possible reasons why your peach lily is drooping. Over- or under-watering ‘Peace lilies like well-drained soil, so too much water will quickly lead to an unhappy plant,’ says Claire Bishop. ‘Your peace lily should be watered weekly, but make sure to check that the soil is dry before you water.’ ‘If your peace lily is wilting, you most likely need to water the plant as this is a sign of dehydration, However, if the plant is drooping and its leaves are yellow, hold back on the watering as your plant has been overwatered and needs a break,’ Samantha Jones, Gardening and Plant Expert at My Job Quote. ‘Under or over-watering your peace lily is a common culprit when it comes to drooping,’ says James Williams, gardening expert at Rezigo (opens in new tab). ‘You should only water once the top 50% of your potting mix has become completely dry - and then only sparingly as this is an extremely resilient plant that doesn’t need a huge amount of water to thrive and survive.’ Light levels ‘Peace lilies also thrive in a bright spot, but don’t react well to direct sunlight which can harm their leaves and cause the plant to droop,’ says Claire Bishop. ‘Peace lilies prefer bright but indirect light and, too much or too little can cause the drooping that you’re seeing. The best location for your lily is in an east-facing window for the perfect amount of light,’ agrees James Williams.  Room temperature  ‘The peace lily is a tropical plant which enjoys a climate that is somewhat warmer than our own. To prevent drooping, try to keep your home’s temperature between 60-70℉, while keeping it away from drafts,’ says James Williams. Humidity ‘The peace lily also enjoys humidity and so the use of a humidifier and/or regular misting can help to prevent drooping,’ says James Williams.  Pests  ‘Spider mites and mealybugs love a bit of peace lily sap and, if these pests get into your home, they can quickly drain your lily of fluid, leaving it looking yellow and droopy. Keep an eye out for infestations in nooks and crannies in order to keep your plant healthy,’ concludes James Williams.

How do you perk up a droopy peace lily?

‘If you have over watered your peace lily, let it partially dry out before watering again,’ says Claire Bishop Senior Houseplant Buyer at Dobbies Garden Centres. ‘You will be able to tell if you have over-watered your plant because the compost will be wet to the touch and the plant will be heavy. ‘On the reverse side of this, if you have under-watered your peace lily, the plant is likely to be light in weight and the top layer of compost will feel dry. If this is the case, give it a good water but allow the excess to drain before putting your plant back in the pot cover. I put mine in the shower so they get a good thorough soak, and I can make sure the soil retains the water!  ‘You can also try repositioning your peace lily in a brighter spot which should encourage it to flower.’

Why is my peace lily drooping even after watering?

‘Plants naturally go dormant from September through to March so even if you are taking good care of your peace lily, it may not flower during this time,’ says Claire Bishop. ‘If this is the case, reduce watering and do not feed it. Then, once March arrives, move the plant to a brighter spot and feed it to encourage new growth.’ ‘Any dry flowers or scorched leaves indicates that your plant is suffering from having too much sunlight and needs to be moved to a shadier spot in the house,’ suggests Samantha Jones, Gardening and Plant Expert at My Job Quote.

Why has my droopy peace lily’s roots come away from the soil?

‘If your peace lily’s roots are coming out of the bottom of the pot, it will need to be repotted. The ideal time to do this is either September or March, and when doing so, you should use a good quality peat-free compost for houseplants,’ says Claire Bishop, Senior Houseplant Buyer at Dobbies Garden Centres.