Whether you’re exploring above-the-bed decor ideas or want a focal point above your dressing table – bedroom art is not a decision that should be taken lightly. The piece (or pieces) knows how to exhibit your personality while making an instant statement – but its power doesn’t end there. Instead, your chosen piece has an influence over your bedroom Feng Shui and, consequently (quite possibly) your sleep schedule.  Therefore, when it comes to the biggest Feng Shui mistake to avoid, the shape of your chosen artwork matters. Here’s what the experts want you to know. 

Why you should never hang art vertically in the bedroom

‘Hanging art vertically commands more presence and feels more active,’ warns Kimberley Garner, the founder of the School of Holistic Design (opens in new tab). In a bedroom, the expert recommends avoiding portrait art – and choosing a horizontal piece with a calmer presence and greater gravity.  ‘If you’re looking to create a relaxing or serene space, such as in a bedroom, you may find a wider piece of art to evoke these feelings,’ she says in her discussion with art brand Green Lili (opens in new tab). ‘Whereas a portrait piece may work best in a space that needs more action, such as an entryway or office.’ Alongside this, Feng Shui consultant Suzanne Roynon (opens in new tab)explains how the color of your artwork similarly impacts your bedroom’s energy.  ‘Traditional Feng Shui harnesses the elements to support a home. Each has a swathe of colors that enhance the energy of a space,’ she says. Therefore, ‘choosing artwork that contains the colors of the element you’re trying to increase can help to bring harmony to your space.’ The best bedroom color ideas are those that promote feelings of stability and serenity – so you should look to incorporate these shades into pieces. Suzanne Roynon recommends looking toward light browns, yellows, and neutral hues.  ‘Earth is the element of stability and nurture and can be brought into a space in the form of light browns, yellows, and neutral tones,’ she says. ‘All of these colors are very grounding and calming, and nature-inspired art is a great way to bring feelings of serenity and re-connection into your space.’

What kind of art is good for bedroom?

The best artworks are those that are landscape, as they will promote the calming feng shui energy in your sleep space. Feng shui consultant Suzanne Roynon suggests opting for neutral browns and yellows as they promote a feeling of serenity which is needed in the bedroom. However, she explains that blue and green are also great choices.  ‘Water is the element of tranquility, wisdom, and wealth and should be brought in with plenty of blues and sea greens,’ she says.