The British fashion designer had previously worked with the team to devise kitchen ideas for her everyday home in England’s Somerset, and she was now ready to work on a new project with the team for her ‘little summer hideaway’.   The result is a truly warm environment that not only encapsulates a mixture of Lowe’s signature vintage-leaning style and the breezy, rustic atmosphere of the coast, but also functions as an inviting space for entertaining.  ‘We love the kitchen and its endless little vignettes that make photographing so appealing and satisfying, but it is Pearl’s ability to create a really functional family kitchen that is also seriously desirable and totally welcoming and comfortable that is most impressive,’ said Parker.  Parker took us on a tour of the kitchen space, and shared how deVOL and Lowe created the beach-y bolthole of a fashionista’s dream. 

1. Get a farmhouse feel with Shaker cabinets 

An enduring classic of kitchen design, deVOL’s Shaker range is used throughout much of the room. One of the simplest but most effective farmhouse kitchen ideas, this style of cabinet doors with inset panels instantly communicates a countryside aesthetic, while still maintaining clean lines.  ‘This Shaker kitchen is simply designed, just one long run of ‘Linen’ cupboards and a ‘Scullery Yellow’ prep table with a copper worktop,’ said Parker. Running with the mismatched theme that runs throughout the kitchen, a wall cupboard from deVOL’s Haberdashers line with glass doors ensures repetition is minimal. ‘It was the perfect extra touch and proof of how beautifully and easily these two deVOL ranges work together.’  

2. Make a white-on-white wall interesting with texture

White kitchens don’t have to be boring or indeed sterile – just think about texture at every turn. ‘Pearl and Danny chose our handmade Cotes Mill tiles for their splashback because they are tactile, pale and have a sort of beachy feel to them,’ explained Parker. A unique take on white kitchen backsplash ideas, these clay tiles are embossed with multiple different fabric-like textures.  Above the backsplash, the walls are not simply painted white, but have been clad in off-white shiplap, giving the whole room a beach hut-reminiscent aesthetic. The shiplap also covers the ceilings, and painted white floorboards mirror it below. 

3. Accessorize with vintage ornaments 

‘Pearl has an exceptional eye for making a room look casually amazing,’ said Parker. ‘She also has an enviable address book of little vintage haunts and hideaway places to ensure she has a never-ending supply of textiles, furniture and quirky, unusual objects and decorative ornaments.’ Lowe’s love of vintage has been given full reign in the kitchen styling ideas here. From the painted ceramic fruit bowls, jugs and vases to the copper pots hanging from the ceiling beams, it peppers the kitchenware, and is also present in the soft furnishings, including faded Persian-style rugs, a skirted and striped tablecloth, and heavy maroon divider curtain.  

4. Mix rustic and sleek surfaces 

To achieve a modern rustic aesthetic, ensuring there is a balance in your textures is crucial. Alongside the exposed beams and painted floorboards, Lowe has chosen exquisite counter surfaces that are slick and clean by comparison.  ‘They opted for a deVOL fluted sink and a beautiful luminescent marble that kept the whole space feeling airy and light,’ said Parker. This orange-toned marble echoes the copper material used in the kitchen island ideas, and adds a touch of luxury to the space. The pristine sink and its gentle undulations contrast with the rough and ready timber frame that flanks the window behind it. 

5. Layer up warm neutrals for a cozy feel 

The overriding sensation in this kitchen is one of warmth. ‘You instantly want to stay and hang out, you want to admire the space but you feel drawn to its homely and comforting vibe,’ said Parker.  As well as Lowe’s deft deployment of personal pieces, much of this sense of coziness comes simply from the layering of warm neutrals throughout the kitchen color ideas. The creamy off-white backdrop that runs throughout it is build upon by natural wooden materials, brighter whites and taupes, with even the color pops staying within the warm range of coppers, a mustard yellow for the island and the occasional hit of maroon.  Interior Design / Pearl Lowe Kitchen Design / deVOL (opens in new tab)