With its dusty sapphire and blushing rosé color scheme – and its accentuated Victorian original features, it’s unsurprising that we want to recreate the allure of this new hangout throughout our own homes with interior design tips from the hotel’s designer. With the help of Chloe’s designer Sara Ruffin Costello (opens in new tab), we rounded up five interior tips – so you can recreate the style of this luxe Louisiana haven, wherever you are. 

1. Balance anatural scheme with contrasting paint colors

Perhaps the most notable of The Chloe’s assets is its rich color scheme – from its soothing candy-cotton pink hues to its injection of organic green – in a not-so-subtle nod to the trendiest tone of the year.  Sara chose the broad spectrum of paints to create a stark contrast between the mansion’s original features, which balanced the overall scheme and brought these 19th century period assets into the modern-day. ‘My favorite part of the process was really the color and the art story. Choosing the right shade for each room helped pull into focus the right furniture, fabric, and overall narrative. The core of the house is dark and Victorian, while the rooms in the front and back lighten up.  ‘I’ve gotten more questions about paint colors and art than anything else. I think it’s so interesting how those two elements dictate activity and mood,’ Sara shares.  She continues: ‘In the front lounge, I went with pale-colored walls – a break from all the darkness. The room has fantastic moldings and a huge plaster medallion that looks like whipped cream. I wanted the room to feel chalky pink like plaster. ‘This is the first room you see, and it needed to showcase the best of our art collection. My husband Paul Costello, chief curator, was looking for an antidote to the Victorian heaviness and chose contemporary photography and art throughout,’ Sara adds. 

2. Trust the eternal elegance of fringing

Tassels and fringes have blessed the most opulent interiors for centuries – and it is easy to admire their enduring power when we see them in all their glory in The Chloe.  The hotel is brimming with these ornamental details – from the pendant lights to the plush patterned stools in the reception and bar. The Chloe has just given us every excuse we need to bring this indulgent trend into our interiors. 

3. Create a boutique aura with strategically placed lighting 

Yes, it is possible to recreate a hotel’s atmosphere through strategically-placed lighting, known in the industry as task or accent lighting. Task and accent lighting uses small lights to purposely illuminate certain pockets of a room for a particular purpose rather than lighting the whole space unnecessarily.  This technique creates a luxe feel that is a favorite among the most prestigious settings worldwide, and The Chloe is no exception. We can mirror this atmosphere by toning down our large fittings and injecting smaller but more focused fixtures that fill a specific part of the room with the light we need and desire. 

4. Go bold with a provocative statement piece 

When making a statement in our homes, Sara urges us to go big, bold, and take unapologetically fearless risks that will almost certainly pay off, especially ahead of house party season.  ‘In the front room, there is a Spencer Tunick photograph featuring hundreds of nudes. I was worried it was a bit much. It turns out it was a catalyst for conversation over cocktails. We intentionally positioned a two-person table right under the Tunick with all the nudes, and I love overhearing the conversations. It forces intimacy,’ says Sara.

5. Bring a bathtub in the bedroom 

For an indisputable nod to luxury – and a whole lot of fun – follow The Chloe’s lead and bring a freestanding tub into your bedroom. This unconventional bedroom furnishing may have its practical assets, but it is also an exquisite focal point that will steal the limelight and add hints of regency into any space.  It also means there are only a few seconds between the bubbles and our bed – so what more could we ask for? Rooms at The Chloe (opens in new tab) begin at $350 per night. The hotel is found at 4125 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans.