Transforming your first home into both a stylish long-term investment doesn’t have to be a daunting nor costly experience. Follow the lead of such interior experts as Laura Barnard, Arlo & Jacob (opens in new tab)’s Buying and Merchandising Manager, and proud new owner of her first home, on how to increase your property’s value with some easy insider tricks.

  1. THINK LIKE A PROPERTY DEVELOPER AND CURATE YOUR HOME ‘Approach your first home like a property developer,’ advises Laura Barnard. ‘Property developers hire professional interior stylists to curate a setting that buyers can visualise living in she explains. ‘We are an Instagram obsessed culture, and if you are eventually going to rent out your property, or even sell it on, this will also make it more attractive to future tenants or buyers.’ See:The seven undesirable home décor features that put home buyers’ off
  2. RETAIN THE ORIGINAL FLOORPLAN BUT MAXIMISE EVERY INCH ‘Remember space in a home is both vertical and horizontal,’ says Barnard. First home buyers need think of all their property’s space. Rather than spending your renovation budget on knocking down walls, opt instead for converting neglected areas such as under the stairs, wardrobe cupboards, a hallway and even a fire recess in which to convert into a small home office.
  3. MAKE YOUR BEDROOM DO SOME HEAVY LIFTING First home buyers need to explore the multifunctional potential of every room, including the bedroom. ‘With space so precious, your bedroom needs to do more heavy lifting while still feeling inspiring,’ Laura advises. Think beyond the bed and add in extra storage, again a small home office and utilise under the bed plus built-ins. See:The 15 most loved home décor trends – to create a sellable home
  4. REFRESH YOUR HOME BY CHOOSING A BRITISH INDEPENDENT PAINT BRAND The fastest and most effective way to keep your first home feeling current is through a paint update. ‘I like these new up-and-comers in the market that are offering a different spin on classic colours’, says Laura about the rise in boutique British paint brands. Laura advises that you should invest in unique paint colours that will immediately add a sense of space and elevate even the smallest space.
  5. INVEST IN MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FURNITURE New homeowners need to become space-saving experts, and this includes expecting more functionality from their furniture. In a small space, furniture needs to be as flexible as possible, such a footstool with hidden storage or a snuggler that is still generous but smaller than a sofa.