This year, why not give Dad a gift reminiscent of what he truly enjoys doing: cooking? From the best grill to a stainless steel waffle maker, the selections are as endless as the potential meals dear ol’ Dad will be serving up, and fortunately for you, we’ve found them all.  Whether you’re hoping to wave goodbye to all of Dad’s kitchen nightmares or help him become the Master Chef he was born to be, here are five last-minute Father’s Day gifts for every Dad who loves to cook. 

1. A state-of-the-art machine to prepare authentic homemade pasta (and more!)

2. An outdoor oven to whip up fresh Neapolitan style stone-baked pizza 

3. A stainless steel waffle maker to streamline Sunday morning breakfast

4. This innovative cast-iron cooking that’ll bring Dad’s skillset to the next level

5. A world-class indoor grill that eliminates any guesswork

Chef Emeril Lagasse’s state-of-the-art electric pasta maker (opens in new tab) prepares authentic homemade pasta, fresh juice, creamy frozen desserts and more, in as little as 15 minutes. It’s the perfect gift for the dad on the go who is looking to kick their family meals up a notch.  The powder-coated stainless steel shell and ceramic fiber thermal insulated lining; keep this oven (opens in new tab) warm without wasting any fuel.  Paired with an attached door that locks in heat, you will get a Neapolitan-style pizza with proper browning in minutes!  This machine (opens in new tab) is the secret to making great waffles in minutes. And you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy them since there’s no mess to clean up. As your homemade waffles bake to golden-brown perfection, the nonstick moat prevents any extra batter from overflowing onto the countertop—and bakes it into crispy waffle bites. Bake in it, Fry in it, BBQ in it — The Victoria Skillet (opens in new tab) is suitable for cooking in induction, ceramic, campfire, grill, oven, and so much more. Plus, to top it off: this skillet features a deeper and a wider cooking surface, allowing Dad to sear, bake and fry better. Eliminate the guesswork from your outdoor grill and reach for this indoor choice (opens in new tab). With an adjustable temperature dial, you can sear chicken, steak, or fish up to 450ºF or turn it down for more control; either way, the 118 square inch grill surface will accommodate up to six people and lock in juices and flavors.