And while you may want to copy this most scene-stealing of Christmas decor ideas to the letter, you can use your own selection of Christmas foliage ideas to populate the vases, too. Below, interior designer Kelly Wearstler reveals to H&G how to recreate the look.  ‘The fireplace is the centerpiece of my living room. I love to dress it up with seasonal mantelscapes robust with natural elements of the moment,’ says Kelly. 

How to make Kelly Wearstler’s mantelpiece decoration

You can buy many of the items shown at Kelly Wearstler (opens in new tab), or of course, you can use what you already have at home. You will need:

Four vases of varying sizes and heightsYoung tree branchesChestnut, plum and rosehip foliageStones or gravel from the backyardTrailing plants, such as amaranthSeedheadsSeasonal blooms

1. Clear the mantelpiece

Artwork can stay – it can add color and layering to your mantelpiece decoration.

2. Place vases on your mantelpiece

‘To start, I choose vessels to house the organic vignette,’ says Kelly. ‘Here, transparent vases in a variety of scale offer range of height and depth and let the entire fall floral fantasy take center stage.’ Fill the vases with water if the plants you are using aren’t dried or faux; put handfuls of small stones in the vases to anchor any that are likely to topple – these will help keep stems from moving about too.

3. Add the tallest branches and stems first

Add ‘blooming branches – a bountiful mix of chestnut, plum and rosehip – give structure, and framework with raw, moody gestures of statuesque trees,’ says Kelly. Continue building up this first layer of tall planting until you have filled the vases by around half.

4. Build up trailing plants, seedheads and seasonal blooms

Continue to add ‘an interplay of greenery and draping, deep purple amaranth add to the alchemy of textures and stunning visual interest,’ says Kelly.

5. Finish your mantelpiece decoration with mid-height plants

Continue to add to the mantelpiece decoration until the display is balanced – you will need to step back to take it in from across the room to ensure plants are evenly distributed. Adjust until you are happy with the mix of tall, trailing and mid-height fillers and the distribution of colors.  ‘Soulful autumnal energy ignites an interior,’ concludes Kelly. She’s so right. Visit Kelly Wearstler on Pinterest (opens in new tab) to see more festive styling tips.