Bathed in natural light, the bright apartment celebrates the original features of the building, while boasting modern amenities for the perfect blend of old meets new. From beautiful botanical prints to a bold, statement shade in the kitchen, the delights of this stylish flat are a great lesson for anyone looking to introduce color into a small space. And these are our takeaways. 

1. Go for this green in a small, dark kitchen

If you’re looking for inspiring kitchen ideas, this chic chartreuse beauty is an excellent start. The Shaker-style cupboards are given a thoroughly modern makeover with this bold hue, making it an easy way to bring an old home into the 21st century.  The shade of green is key for a small, dark, galley kitchen like this one: it’s mid-hued. In other words, it’s not so dark that it makes the room feel gloomy, nor too light which could make it feel cold. Instead, the mid-green has lots of yellow tones in it, which means it’s both light-reflecting and warm. And green kitchens are having a real moment, don’t you know?

A lovely dining room idea? You can breathe life into a space by painting a characterful dining table for rustic appeal. The owner chose an emerald green, which is a great link to the chartreuse kitchen you can see peeking through the door, while the peachy wood tones of the dining chairs make a visual reference to the peach-colored hallway.

3. Pick muted, faded natural colors for a vintage feel

Bring the outside in with a no-holds-barred botanical print on your sofa. Not only does it make a statement, it’s inviting and snug-looking, too – and perfect for a room that overlooks a garden. Choose a fabric that looks like it might have been on the sofa for 100 years for an authentic, period feel.

4. Add a statement headboard to introduce an accent

A statement headboard is a brilliant bedroom idea, and allows you to add texture and color through pattern. We adore this heritage-style blue and white decor piece that looks ultra-classy paired with vintage art and jewel-toned accessories and, importantly, offers a stark contrast to the soft pink elsewhere in the bedroom.

5. Update a traditional scheme with bold contrasts

If you’re looking for nursery ideas with a vintage appeal, the second bedroom in this home is a great place to look for color and style inspiration. Used as a nursery, it is decorated with beautiful wallpaper by GP & J Baker (opens in new tab). The pretty blush-hued floral print is given extra life by being paired with vibrant green paintwork, proving bold, contrasting color pairings can be very successful in any room.  This home is for sale via Inigo (opens in new tab).