See: The color wheel – H&G’s guide to color theory Emma Deterding, Founder and Creative Director of Kelling Designs (opens in new tab) and KDLoves (opens in new tab), has created her guide to adding color – and pattern – to your home with ease.

1. Opt for statement walls

An easy way to introduce color to any room is to go bold with your walls. Whether you opt for a beautiful, bright paint color, or choose a wallpaper in a vivid tone, you can really transform a room quickly and easily.  The key is to choose a color that you love and introduce it to all the walls as opposed to just an accent wall. Choose a shade that complements your existing furniture and accessories for a cohesive look, or if you’re feeling brave, then go all out and use colors that clash to release your inner maximalist.

2. Create a feature out of your joinery

If you have any built-in joinery, then try livening them up by adding paint or wallpaper to the backs of the shelving. You could use the same paint or paper as your walls, or choose different shades and prints for added interest.  If you have storage cabinets or are lucky enough to have a full-sized drinks cabinet, paint a mural on the insides of the doors to create a focal point when you’re entertaining – you could get an artist in to do this, or create your own with your family for that extra, personal touch.

3. Go wild with soft furnishings and accessories

From colorful lamps and lampshades to cushions and rugs in gorgeous patterns, accessories are a cost-effective way of adding color and pattern and can be changed up with ease when you get bored.  Using colourful accessories is a great way to add a burst of color and can add a new lease of life to a sofa or armchair. You can opt for colors from the same family, shades of blue for instance will add a nod to coastal interiors, or mix it up and layer different shades and patterns for a dramatic feel. See: Living room color schemes – the best color ideas for living spaces

4. Make a statement with your furniture

When it comes to your furniture, these pieces will live with you for a long time, if not a lifetime, so it’s important to pick pieces that you truly love. Accent chairs are a great way to not only create extra seating, but to introduce color and pattern. Choose a style and print that will complement any existing upholstery, and opt for contrasting piping to help tie your color scheme together.

5. Create a colorful focal point

In the bedroom, create a focal point by choosing a shapely headboard in vivid prints and colors. Brighter colors can be just as restful as muted shades and you can play it down with neutral bedding or go all-out with bold accessories.  The important thing is to fill your home with furniture, accessories and designs that you love and that are a true reflection of your own personality and style.