1. BE SURE TO PLAN Cooking should be first and foremost enjoyable, the love and care you put into it shows in the resulting dish. Don’t create an overcomplicated menu that leaves you stressed out by the time your guests show up. See:Interior designers share their secrets for choosing the best kitchen appliances
  2. SOURCE THE BEST INGREDIENTS Find the best ingredients available, and use them in season to their best advantage, as the focus of the dish.
  3. DRESS FOR SUCCESS The plate, that is… There are some lovely herbs and micro cress available now in shops – a few of these always do the trick when decorating the plate, and don’t crowd the plate too much, leave a lot of white so that each element stands out. See:How to find a kitchen layout to suit your lifestyle
  4. MAKE THE MAIN STAND OUT Don’t try to impress on all three courses of the meal – just try and impress on one of these. Keep the starter and dessert simple and seasonal, so you can spend more time on the main course. The main course is usually the one that everyone remembers, so you want to be sure that it is most impressive.
  5. SEASON YOUR FOOD It’s amazing how often cooks and chefs don’t check the seasoning when they’re cooking, some fabulous dishes can turn out less than perfect with over or under – seasoning. See:Kitchen lighting ideas – to set the scene for cooking, eating and entertaining ‘When I’m cooking, the things that very much make a difference for me are great lighting, clever storage and a sensible layout. So these were the things I wanted to make sure we got absolutely right to create a professional kitchen for the home,’ says Michel Roux Jr.