The home embraces color, pattern and fine finishes for an exquisite decor that’s full of life. The five-story house boasts 2,600sqft of space and is a wonderful combination of lively, colourful interiors and clean-lined, contemporary spaces.  See six tips to steal from the beautiful home below…

1. Earn your stripes

When it comes to stripes, don’t be afraid to go bold. Thick stripes can make a real statement, especially when featured in a strong color and paired with contrasting hues. We love the rich green and pink in this stunning snug.

2. Embrace handpainted wallpaper for a high-end finish

Exquisite examples of handpainted wallpaper ideas can be found all over this chic home. The beautiful royal blue wallpaper in the living room lends an intimate atmosphere. The owners have lifted the look even further by pairing the printed wallpaper with contrasting pinks and greens, and gilt-edged furniture – a creative living room idea. The staircase also features a pretty print, while the master bedroom embraces the upscale wallpaper for a fancy feel too.

3. Go for a contemporary aesthetic in the kitchen

With such a vibrant home, clean-lined modern kitchen ideas create the perfect balance. We love how there’s a nod to pattern with the pretty lamp and artwork, and the rustic dining table and club chair bring a relaxed, informal vibe to the room. Metal-framed doors inject just the right amount of industrial edge.

4. Make the children’s rooms as stylish as the rest of the home

Children’s bedroom ideas can be just as smart and stylish as the rest of your property. Opt for strong colors, or even use pretty printed wallpaper like the rest of this home.

5. Use wallpaper in the bathroom

Yep, you may have noticed that patterned wallpaper is a continuous presence in this home – and it’s a brilliant bathroom idea, too. We adore how the flamingo wallpaper adds color and character to this otherwise neutral bathroom.

6. Make your home office joyful and vibrant

If there’s one way to boost mood and productivity in your home office, it’s by creating a stylish environment that garners motivation as well as calm. This jungle print wallpaper works to inject vibrancy – but also cleverly brings the outdoors in for a relaxing vibe.