‘Our client is a young entrepreneur from South Africa who decided to commit more time to Los Angeles for business,’ says interior design team, Proem Studio. ‘Since he travels non-stop, we worked with him remotely to create a turn-key space he could return to and immediately relax in.’ We talk to Proem Studio about the design project. Founded in 2017 by Ashley Drost and Marie Trohman, Proem Studio (opens in new tab) is a Los Angeles-based interior design firm. The studio brings Ashley and Marie’s respective backgrounds in styling, art, and set design to residential, commercial and hospitality projects in Los Angeles and New York


For us, this project focused mainly on stand-out interior and exterior furnishings, since the client was happy with most of the builder’s material selections. His family owns one of the largest wildlife safari camps in South Africa, so we wanted to evoke the feeling of being back home, mixed with masculine, California style. The aim was to create a space suitable for a bachelor who likes to casually host when he’s in town. We drew on a few classic safari-inspired designs sourced almost exclusively from local Los Angeles furniture makers. Sourcing locally is of great importance to the design house, especially considering the current economic climate.We included plenty of modern lighting, touches of patinaed metals, and many antique rugs. SeeDesign house: A marvellous monochrome home in San Francisco, designed by Amy Weaver


The spacious sofa in the living room is great for sociable gatherings, and enjoying a drink from the bar cart or the fully-stocked wine racks. The clients one request was that we fill the bookshelves in the living room with lots of books about North American wildlife so that he could learn about the types of animals we have in North America. SeeDesign house: Modern home overlooking the San Francisco Bay, designed by Nest Design Co.


The folding glass doors in the kitchen open up completely to allow for larger parties and really take advantage of California indoor/outdoor living vibe.


Several seating areas in the garden ensure that guests can gather as they please. The seating area doubles as an outdoor living room on warm nights. The real selling point for this house is the view from the rooftop where you can see the lights of downtown Los Angeles, as well as the ocean. To maximise the use of this area, we made sure there were areas for sunbathing, dining and lounging. SeeDesign house: A chic and colourful home in California, designed by Fiorella Design



The home office provides everything needed to just plug in and work, all with a comfortable lounge area for breaks. SeeDesign house: A cool Californian new build designed by Kate Lester


The master bedroom is simple, comfortable and every detail down to the soap was carefully chosen. Decorating schemes will never tire of white but an all-white scheme can make a real statement. Minimal yet relaxed, mix up different tones of white for a fresh and airy feel. Accessories and art work well to brighten the space and add character and charm.


The guest rooms are simple, cosy and able to function at a moment’s notice.


For the private areas of the house, we wanted everything to be comfortable, simple and easy to use. This needed to be like a hotel for the client to use easily and happily, since he frequently travels between the US, London and South Africa frequently. Photography/ Jack Jeffries Interior design/ Proem Studio (opens in new tab)