There are two types of new build homes. The first sort is shiny and soulless; the ceilings are too low; the joinery is skimpy and everything feels, well, just a bit too new. Then, firmly in the other camp, there are places such as this laid-back home in Oakland, California; the type of thoughtful, considered house which, despite being less than a year old, manages to pull of that tricky balancing act of being both new and yet timeless in its appeal. Kathryn works primarily on residential projects in the San Francisco Bay Area, drawing inspiration from architecture, travel, the beauty of the natural world, and her clients.She believes in respecting the original architecture and unique character of a home, while modernising and personalising it to create an inviting, cohesive space.


‘Our goal was to provide generous, flexible seating, which we accomplished with a pair of bespoke navy sofas, a forged iron accent chair, and long bench,’ explains Kathryn. ‘A textured, neutral palette, accented with blue continues through the home, and gorgeous handwoven window treatments soften the light.’ SeeDesign house: A marvellous monochrome home in San Francisco, designed by Amy Weaver


See:Design house: Modern home overlooking the San Francisco Bay, designed by Nest Design Co.


‘A handsome windowpane wallpaper brings interest to the limited wall space,’ adds Kathryn. ‘A clever combination of classic woven Roman blinds, caning, leather, and perforated metal offers a fresh mix of traditionally masculine elements. This space draws you into the home from the moment you enter, as it’s visible from the hallway, living room, kitchen, and patio.’


‘Designed as a mellow retreat, we combined woven textiles, linen bedding, and textured ceramic lamps to create a laid-back look. The client has a rather stressful job, so this is the perfect place for him to unwind after a long day.’ See:Design house: A quintessential Victorian home in San Francisco, designed by Margaret Ash Design



‘A small nook at the top of the stairs was sectioned off with sliding barn doors to create what our young client calls his “art office” – a fun space for play and creative endeavours.’


‘A herringbone textile wallcovering grounds this moody space that serves equally well as an office, guest room, or television lounge.’ Photography/ Liz Daly (opens in new tab) Interior design/ Kathryn MacDonald of KJM Interiors (opens in new tab)