There is something special about this building, from the moment you step in, it feels as if you are transported to another time period. The fascinating part of this building is the number of former designers that lived in this building over the year. Today Andrew Fisher, Jeffrey Weissman and the successful antique dealer Terry Gross still live in this extraordinary, French-styled building, classically known as ‘1055’. And now, Amy Weaver, of Amy Weaver Design calls it home. See our homes section for more property inspiration and ideas


Symmetrically arranged furniture provides structure and balance in this heavily patterned room, where the neutral colour palette acts as a soothing counterpoint to the intricately patterned wallpaper and soft furnishings. It all comes down to the importance of texture – every piece was chosen for its tactile quality. As well as introducing a lot of upholstery to add intimacy to the space, we focussed on inviting finishes such as textured wallpaper, gorgeous woven cushions and sisal for the rug. The accessories, such as brass lamp bases and antique wooden side tables, add to the inviting feel. SeeDesign house: Modern home overlooking the San Francisco Bay, designed by Nest Design Co.


‘Black and white marble creates a timeless elegance when you walk into this jewel box of a home,’ says Amy Weaver.Multiple pictures, all hung together, look spectacular, and are in keeping with the monochrome colour scheme. This space has been inspired by the Orient. From the sophisticated, cultured yin of chinoiserie to the softly elegant yang of oriental landscapes, Chinas rich heritage is a stylish source of decorative beauty, which can be seen on the detailed cabinet. SeeDesign house: A chic and colourful home in California, designed by Fiorella Design


Inspired by the latest interior trends and a revolution in colour confidence that has seen the rise in rich, dark colour palettes, all-black schemes complemented with black accessories and brassware heralds the arrival of a bold new look. Playful animal prints are at the forefront of this home. Forget stereotypes of cheap fabric and tacky design. Used in the right way, animal motifs can add a real sense of sophistication to a scheme. Don’t go wild, but rather introduce focused hits of the pattern in textiles, furniture or accessories. You’ll find that a leopard really can change its spots. SeeDesign house: Small family home with a playful colour palette, designed by Raina Henderson Interiors


Blue is such a versatile colour, from the classic combination of china blue and ice white to delicate shades of egg shell and seaspray, it works as the signature colour for the bedroom. It is capable of being bright and breezy, moody and elusive or deep and mysterious, depending on the range of shades used and is one of the most popular colours used.


Cleverly designed storage maximises every spare inch of space in this bathroom. By selecting an interesting combination of materials and finishes, bathroom cabinets can easily form your bathroom’s main focal point – a trick that those without the space for a statement bath are enthusiastically embracing. For sheer beauty, explore the trend for vanity units with exotic stone countertops. Prettily veined marbles in soft whites, taupe and greys are leading the way. Photography/ Christopher Stark (opens in new tab) Interior design/ Amy Weaver Design (opens in new tab)