Lucie Ayres’ design philosophy is a hybrid of soulful European meets playful Californian style. For her, a non-negotiable is comfort. ‘We create spaces for hardworking clients, so they must feel cozy and practical at all times.’ she says. ‘Elements of surprise and playfulness are always something we aim to incorporate – whether it’s the scale of an item, a color, or the thoughtfulness of a detail.’    Having graduated with a degree in Design and Environmental Analysis from Cornell University, Lucie has used this knowledge to inform the wellness aspect of her approach to design; particularly paying attention to ergonomics, scale, and choice of materials, which is hugely evident in this open concept home. We spoke to Lucie Ayres about the design project.

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The design project

‘Our clients are a young couple who relocated from New York City after the husband sold his reality production company to a bigger firm located in Los Angeles.  ‘We immediately bonded over our love of the Hamptons and we agreed that this cold, modern frame of a house would benefit from being warmed up. The design process was all about adding organic forms and warmth throughout. ‘The most significant change was the mood and energy of the entire home. Adding softness at every opportunity, organic elements, as well as nature inspired tones took that modern harsh edge off successfully.’ Take the tour below.


The property, a single-storey home in Studio City, Los Angeles, boasts a 3,100-square-footage – perfect for giving the owners exactly what they wanted in terms of design.


Living room

The clients have always been in awe of how we were able to transform the space. They adore the gallery wall we created for them using a variety of frames – made to look like an arty wall and less like a traditional family home. The teak bench, with its shapely, organic form – adds interest and intrigue. 


This classic monochrome combination has seen a recent revival both in fashion and interiors and can add drama yet refined elegance to a space. Using a calm, pale backdrop has allowed textures and materials to sing out and unite the scheme.

Dining room

The owners are obsessed with the level of comfort in every area – especially the dining room as they do typically love to entertain. Now that they have their son, they see the value of a beautiful, comfortable home done right.



A modern marble-clad bathroom was just what this contemporary home craved. Coveted for its subtle tone and beautiful veined effect, it is easy to see why marble is such a hit in the style department – it looks good wherever it’s used and will continue to look striking year after year. A solid investment, once you go for marble floor tiles, you’ll never want to go back.


‘Shortly into our design process, the wife fell pregnant – so we created a bright yet playful nursery, with fun wallpaper from House of Hackney. It’s fun, unexpected and not your typical pastel-hued nursery. ‘As soon as we finished the home, Covid-19 hit and the couple left to rent a home in the Hamptons to ride out quarantine – closer to their immediate family. Once back they had an even greater appreciation for this calm, serene home with warm flourishes. It is the perfect place for them to raise their young family.’ Interior design / Lucie Ayres at 22 INTERIORS (opens in new tab) Photography / Noah Webb (opens in new tab)