Clean and crisp organisation for space is clearly defined in this calming oceanside kitchen. SeeThe five key kitchen styles for 2020, according to Life Kitchens Bespoke glazed screens painted in ‘Scullery Latch’ (a chalky sky blue) lead through from desk space to scullery with Spitalfields cupboards painted in ‘Boiled Dishcloth’ (a timeworn and trusty neutral cream) paired with antique brass handles. A boarded and shelved walkway offering additional storage with deep drawers leads into the airy and welcoming kitchen with the Osea island taking centre stage in soft mid blue echoed in the Delft tiles and marble worktop. Space for stools, meanwhile, encourages end-of-day conversation and breakfast or brunching opportunities. A tall bank of cupboards with Folgate doors adorned with Wapping Holes for larder ventilation conceals essential appliances and generous pantry storage. Established over 25 years ago, the elegant simplicity of Plain English Cupboardmakers - coupled with a commitment to natural materials and meticulous craftsmanship - has evolved into a quietly assured design language that captures the past while remaining relevant to the present. Though no to Plain English designs are alike, an elusive combination of proportion, patina and attention to detail gives each design a timeless sense of style. Handcrafted in Suffolk, the service extends to cabinetry for bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and libraries, as well as metal screens and glazed partitions to create smaller rooms within larger spaces - something that could currently be perfect for a home office. Plain English kitchens start from £35,000. Visit for more information. See British Standard by Plain English launch sustainable kitchen hardware