The London-based expert and founder of the eponymous studio has curated timeless homes for over a decade – and in that time, has mastered the entire design process – including the ‘overwhelming’ starting point.  While you may have already found the decorating ideas that work for you, Alidad’s secret will ensure the redesign process is as seamless as possible. This is what you need to remember before your next renovation. 

Alidad’s secret to a seamless redesign 

‘If you go [out] and look at things (for example, a wallpaper), it’s overwhelming. Where do you start?’ Alidad shares, in an interview with H&G. He recommends starting with a collection of mini photographs that include pieces you may want to include in your home.  ‘If you do the work before and have a mini collection of photographs or references, it will make your life so much easier. You’ll zoom right towards these things and ignore the others. It won’t overwhelm you. Then, if you stop the worry, you can start working,’ Alidad says. The designer urges you to browse home design ideas in magazines and on virtual photo boards that may serve as a source of inspiration.  However, he explains that you should not completely neglect an image just because you don’t like the overall space. Instead, you should look again for one specific piece you may like. ‘Quite often, when people look at a photograph and say they don’t like it, I tell them to look at it again. Is there anything in there that you like? Is there a little chair you like? Is there a little stool you like? People often reject things straight away without looking – but I say, look at it more.’ If there is one piece that you like, then it has done the job. This means the process becomes instantly easier because you know exactly what type of piece you are looking for.  ‘If there is a sofa you like, then you have determined the shape,’ Alidad says. This will allow you to cut out the vast living room sofa ideas available and focus on the one shape you like.  For more interior design tips from Alidad, you can sign up for his course with Create Academy (opens in new tab). This will allow you to explore his teachings further. More information is available via their website.