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The property

‘We knew we wanted to be close to central London, but we weren’t sure where,’ says the owner. After a three-month search, they settled upon this elegant five-storey building in the south west of the city. ‘It’s nicely proportioned and light with high ceilings, and we liked the garden, which is unusually large for this area,’ explains the owner. While respecting the living arrangements that they had inherited when they bought the property, the family could not ignore the fact they needed to make some alterations to make the house work effectively for them. With the help of Dry Architects, an infill extension was created on the ground floor, giving the homeowner a dramatic, double-height sitting room with a conservatory roof, while French doors offer excellent views of the garden, which was such an important part of the property’s appeal. These significant structural changes were complemented by a series of smaller adjustments that opened up and simplified the ground and lower-ground floors, making them more practical for family life. ‘There were a number of odd corridors and small rooms. The new configuration is a much better use of space,’ says Claire Collett, of Dry Architects.

Drawing room

The subtle texture and soft gold hue of the handmade wall covering is key to the glamorous yet cosy atmosphere, while an elliptic coffee table makes an unusual focal point.


‘This is the only area where I didn’t follow the designers’ recommendation,’ says the owner. ‘They suggested a bespoke hardwood kitchen, but I preferred a German make, which I’d had before and knew would work for me.’

Dining room

‘We are very keen on family meals,’ says the owner, who is also an accomplished cook. A generous table, able toseat eight diners, ensures meals are taken in comfort.

Family room

Rugs have been used throughout the lower-ground and ground floors to denote areas with designated functions. This rug is used to help define the area where the family watches television.


A built-in desk and matching shelves create a sleek look, which is given warmth by the wall color and mellow hues of the timber.

Sitting room

A bespoke seven-tier glass and polished nickel chandelier emphasises the grand proportions of this double-height room.

Entrance hall

The American brand Baker is one of the owner’s favourites. Its Constellation mirror, designed by Thomas Pheasant, brings an energising note to the entrance hall.

Main bathroom

A blind with a shimmering gold pattern is an invigorating addition to this luxurious scheme. The veining of the polished marble walls gives a sense of depth, while Art Deco-inspired details, such as the taps, introduce old-fashioned glamour.

Main bedroom

These Italian strung curtains have an appealing shape that draws attention to the sumptuous silk fabric and the handsome Georgian windows. Photography/ Paul Raeside