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The property

‘We decided to build our own historical-style home partly because we were young and didn’t know any better. We had hunted high and low for an original 18th-century house, but they were all in a terrible condition. In the end, my father suggested that we build our own and we thought, ‘‘Why not?”’ ‘I think we were influenced by the region in which we live; there are some extraordinary 18th-century houses in Connecticut. We spent a lot of time at museums and open house days and were drawn to the clean architectural style of that era. There is a certain beauty in its simplicity,’ the owners say.

Dining room

The cabinet, which houses Dutch and English Delftware, adds decorative interest to the homeowner’s favourite room. ‘It’s not a huge space, so gathering around the table and trading stories is quite a cosy affair.’


The simple front door is an 18th-century original, which sits well with the grey clapboard.

Entrance hall

Remarkably, the Queen Anne chairs did not come as a pair; the owner stumbled across the perfect match to an existing chair while hunting for antiques in New York.


The cabinets are made from reclaimed headboard. ‘They’re built in a traditional 18th-century style, but still look contemporary due to their simplicity,’ explains the homeowner. Built-in niches with doors are typical of traditional Connecticut homes.

Living room

When it came to choosing curtains, the homeowner took great care to find fabrics sympathetic to the period.


Built-in bookcases and a snug seating configuration give this room a cosy and inviting feel.

Family room

The family room was extended to incorporate this peaceful space when the owners’ first grandchild was born.

Living room

An antique Canadian writing desk occupies a comer of the sitting room where the owner likes to read and relax.

Main bedroom

The couple chose a cream palette to create a restful feel.

Guest bedroom

The pencil-post bed was one of the first pieces of furniture commissioned by the the homeowners as a married couple.


Despite running their own bathroom company, the couple could not resist installing an early 20th-century American Standard basin. Photography/ Ngoc Minh Ngo