According to Google, the lockdown has got us all reading up on the easiest fruit and veg to grow at home. SeeHow to brew your own tea from homegrown ingredients In fact, in the past seven days, garden furniture experts have noted a surge in Google searches like: +200% increase in searches for ‘growing vegetables in pots for beginners uk’ +160% increase in searches for ‘quickest growing vegetables’ +90% increase in searches for ‘companion planting vegetables’ +200% increase in ‘tomato grow bags’ +50% increase in ‘easy to grow vegetables for first time gardener’ The team delved a little deeper and analysed Google search terms in more detail, using online visibility and marketing tool SEMrush, to find the fruits and veg were most interested in. And it seems like the nation’s fascination with avocados is still very much alive and well. Discover what we’re all looking to grow in our own gardens below:

The 10 most-searched fruit and veg to grow at home and average monthly search volumes are:

SeeHow to grow tomatoes - the best ways to grow your own tomato plants The data reveals our love for avocado (on toast!) is going from strength to strength. In fact, 6,600 people ask Google ‘how to grow’ the millennial favourite on average every month. The next two most popular searches are garlic (5,400) and ever-versatile potatoes (3,600.) Fruit and veg to grow at home that appears to be falling out of favour includes:

Peppers (880)Watercress (880)Basil (720)Raspberries (720)Runner Beans (720)

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