As the crowning glory as Behr’s Color Trends 2021 palette, Canyon Dusk is a rich and organic shade that oozes earthly tones and promotes elevated comfort. Its natural hues have the ability to transport consumers to a raw and natural environment where they can re-establish a mental and physical balance as we enter the season of rebirth: Spring. See: Paint ideas for every room – how to choose the best paint colors every time The Santa-Ana-based manufacturers selected Canyon Duk as an optimistic premise for the comfortable and inspirational days of our future. As Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr (opens in new tab) shares:  ‘There is something so reassuring about dusk, the moment just after sunset, which brings the promise of a new day. The illuminating, free-spirited Canyon Dusk is a color that can be found in a variety of places, from an awe-inspiring desert landscape to the color of sunbaked clay.’ ‘Wherever it is found, we share a collective need for these moments of comfort and inspiration in the days ahead,’ Erika added. Unlike any previous year, Behr has revealed their superior shade to a world in lockdown- creating a rare environment in which this particular color will thrive. The current global restrictions mean an increasing number of people are decorating their homes and are, therefore, recognizing the power of paint. This is explained by Jodi Allen, Global Chief Marketing Officer for Behr, who says:  ‘From seasoned DIYers to first-time painters, it’s been inspiring to see people, really embracing opportunities to enhance their spaces during this time when we are all in our homes more than ever before.’ See more: Living room paint ideas – stylish ways with paint, and your questions answered She continued: ‘Whether creating an unexpected accent wall or a simple color change, paint can make a huge visual impact, and it’s one of the most affordable and straightforward DIY projects to tackle.’ 

How to use Canyon Dusk in your home

As Jodi previously highlighted, the present restrictions offer a distinct opportunity to bring the outdoors into your home through the natural tones of Canyon Dusk. Los Angeles based interior designer, Stefani Stein of Stefani Stein Inc (opens in new tab), then offered her expertise on how best to inject the color into your decor, explaining:  ‘Behr’s Color of the Year, Canyon Dusk, is the perfect replacement for the Millennial Pink trend that dominated interiors for several years. I love the more nuanced, peachy nude interpretation of pink that has been gracing walls and furnishings the past year or two. It’s perfect for people craving a departure from all beige everything but aren’t fully ready to embrace a colorful space. I can imagine it in a space with ivory linen and rich mohair paired with organic wood materials’.  Furthermore, Tiffany Leigh Piotrowski of Tiffany Leigh Design (opens in new tab) invites homeowners to splash Canyon Dusk around their homes, and particularly loves it as a bathroom paint idea, sharing: ‘We love this tone for washroom walls – we picture it paired with warm Calacatta marble and a vintage washstand. Afraid of a big commitment? This would also make a terrific front door color’.