Fabrications made of fully natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, and eucalyptus are my preferred way to cozy up while thread count is no longer the driving decision-maker into what makes the softest bed sheets. I’ve considered style availabilities, material, quality, and feel in making this comprehensive list. Hopefully, it’ll give you inspiration among the latest bedroom trends of 2022.  Now, I follow the practice that the best mattress is the foundation of a great bed, and a mattress protector is essential for protecting your mattress, but directly after comes the best bed sheets, which are vitally important. After all, your skin is making direct contact with your bedding, so only the most luxurious fabric will do. It has to be soft, breathable, and keep you comfortable. These best sheet sets fit the demand. 

Best Bed Sheets 2023 as tested by our sleep expert

Why I love it: Soft and cozy, but definitely not prone to causing you to overheat, it’s true that the Brooklinen Luxe Sateen sheets with a 480-thread count get softer with use, after over a year of very routine use.  The details I love the buttery smooth finish and the fact that it takes mere minutes for me to change my sheets without having to wrestle with figuring out the long side from the short, thanks to discreet labels. Like most cotton sheets, they do get pretty wrinkled in the wash cycle, so keep that in mind.  The Luxe Core Set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases, but other bundles are available that best suit your needs, such as the option to add a duvet cover, or nix the flat sheet.  Anything else? Brooklinen maintains a selection of about five mainstay colors and introduces limited edition prints and colors seasonally that almost feel collectible. They’re available in limited quantities and known to sell out.   Why I love it: Boll & Branch Signature Hemmed Sheet Set is the perfect intersection between cooling and cozy with a light, crisp feel that’s suitable for year-round use. The brand’s ethics also take center stage, combining the best in quality and sustainability. Shop 15% off sitewide for a limited time. The details Boll & Branch offers nine neutral-toned colors, as well as variations such as designs with a single embroidered or color-blocked border and some prints if that’s what you fancy. I chose my sheet set in the color Pewter, which arrived more olive-toned in person than the silvery-hued photo online. It arrived in a sturdy gift box, with the sheets packaged in a reusable cotton pouch.  They’re generously sized to fit mattresses up to 17" deep, and in the event of shrinkage, which I have personally not experienced. They’re smooth to the touch but did require a few washes to get to my personal preference of soft. They do also wrinkle out of the wash, like most pure cotton fabrics.  Anything else? Boll and Branch’s entire brand identity revolves around organic cotton, ethical production, and thoughtful attention to every detail. The company works with thousands of fair trade farmers and factories across India to make sure that their products are made without harmful chemicals, pesticides, or GMOs, have responsible waste and water management treatment, and utilize packing that can be recycled or repurposed.  Why I love it: For those that favor a crisp percale construction, Riley deserves some attention. Their percale sheet sets utilize long-staple cotton, which contributes to their smooth and soft feel. Shop 20% off sitewide on orders of $300+ with code WINTER22 The details Coupled with a nice selection of colors, including limited edition offerings, Riley sheets are anything but boring, and can fit mattresses up to 16" deep.    Riley percale sheets are made in Portugal, with a matte finish that feels cool, crisp, and airy. They’re a bit heavier construction than traditional percale, giving them a luxurious edge that signifies that they are built to last.  The flat sheets and pillowcases are finished off with a dainty, color-on-color Baratta stitch for a little detail. Like the Brooklinen sheets, Riley added labels to its fitted sheet that indicate the top, side, and bottom, and designed its pillowcases with a side-envelope design to keep the pillow from view.  Anything else? The sets are sold initially without a top sheet, but if that’s your preference, one can easily be added to your order. Additionally, like most purely cotton sheets, they still do wrinkle pretty substantially in the wash, but these sheets seem to get cozier with each wash.  Why I love it: I’m always looking to make more environmentally conscious decisions across the board, and Ettitude appealed to me right away with its own proprietary fabric, called CleanBamboo, which uses 500 times less water and produces 52% less CO2 than cotton during production. It’s recommended for those with sensitive skin,  hypoallergenic, and free of harmful chemicals.  The details Environmentally friendly bamboo lyocell transformed my bed into a silky, cocoon. The sateen weave is comparable to 1,000-thread count sheets, making me have very high expectations for peak softness, which were met after a good wash cycle. The sheets did arrive pre-washed, but to really enjoy their full coziness, a Quick Cycle in the washing machine unlocked the best experience.  Beyond being incredibly soft, these slick sheets offer great anti-frizz benefits for hair and are extra gentle on the skin. I sleep on my back and my hair tends to knot up pretty frequently unless I use a silk pillowcase, but the issue is so much more manageable when I had the Ettitude sheets on my bed.  The fitted sheet accommodates mattresses up to 17-inches thick and even has a top/bottom label to take the guesswork out of figuring which side is which. The top sheet is generously sized, and the pillowcases offer a neat envelope-style closure.  Anything else? Bamboo is known for sleeping cool but coupled with a thick duvet, the top sheet felt cozy. Luckily, there’s a 30-day trial, because these Ettitude sheets are truly worth a try. Ettitude offers a decent assortment of colors, and periodically releases new hues, but I’ve noticed that not all colors have the full-size range in stock, which is a shame if you’re after a certain shade but don’t have the bed size to match. Why I love it: Sferra name and quality at a more affordable price point, slick and breathable, the perfect weight and drape  The details Egyptian cotton has a reputation for being the epitome of luxury, the golden standard in bedding. Sferra’s Grande Hotel sheets, made with 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton, give you that crisp hotel-style feel but with the extra touch of embroidered double rows of satin stitch woven in Italy. The percale sheets are breathable and offer a tailored touch to your bedroom. They are subject, however to wrinkling so you may have to bring out the iron if you like your sheets extra crisp.  Anything else? Each piece is available individually, which enables you to select what you want or order multiple.  Why we love it: Well-priced, has tons of color options and is soft enough to use out of the packaging  The Details: In my massive seasons-long quest to find the best linen sheets, the Australian linen brand Bed Threads can claim top bragging rights. The 170GSM is midweight, and suitable for year-round use, thanks to linen’s temperature-regulating properties. However, I was wowed at how soft the sheets were right away, no waiting period was required, though, like all linen I’ve come across, they still will wrinkle.  All of the fabrics are OEKO-TEX 100 Certified and dyed with eco-friendly dyes. With 21 colors to choose from, the sheets are available as a sheet set with a flat and fitted sheet with pillowcases, a bedding set with a fitted sheet, and a duvet cover with pillowcases, or individually.  Anything else? Bed Threads celebrates being a carbon-neutral business, and it’s seen throughout their production. Their signature flax is grown in France by registered farmers and suppliers and then turned into sets in China under ethical working conditions.  When it comes time to receive your new sheets, the packaging is plastic-free. Each item is wrapped in a protective linen bag, and supported with cardboard to maintain shape.  Why we love it: Slipping under the sheets is refreshing, with these supremely soft sheets being one of the most breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics I’ve slept under in recent months.  Take 15% off everything, and 30% off bedding bundles with code GREEN15. The details Cozy Earth’s specialty is environmentally and ethically produced bamboo bedding and loungewear. When Cozy Earth first came on my radar, the only available color in their signature bamboo sheets was white. However, they’ve since expanded to seven other neutral colors that range from light to dark for those, like myself, who are nervous they’re going to spill coffee in bed.   The bamboo fibers are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to bed bugs, dust mites, and bacteria. They’re also a great option for those with super thick mattresses, with the ability to accommodate mattresses up to 20" thick. Our only downfall is that they are not particularly pet-friendly. My puppy likes to paw at the foot of the bed, and the fabric is pulled and piled in those places. They do however come with a 10-year warranty against discoloration and pilling, which Cozy Bedding was swift to honor, and a 100-night trial.  Anything else? The bamboo sheets are definitely on the pricier end of the spectrum when it comes to bamboo bedding, but we think they’re worth it. It’s a premium product with a nice weighty drape, impeccable packaging, and major attention to detail, like the embroidered patch on the side of the flat sheet. Cozy Earth also frequently offers promotions around holidays and major shopping periods. Why I love it: Silky smooth, cooling, and deliciously luminous, they’re also static-free, anti-microbial, and extremely soft. Save between 25% and 30% sitewide! Bamboo sheet sets start at $240.  The Details I find myself constantly reaching for these in my linen closet, among a bursting-at-capacity shelving unit. They’re also one of the few sets of sheets that have managed to leave my hair tangled and frizz-free come morning.  Eucalyptus, aka TENCEL, has properties similar to bamboo, with a more sustainable product that requires minimal water or fertilizers. TENCEL lyocell is a bedding fiber made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus pulp. Anything else? My only gripe, coming from a staunch top-sheet advocate, is that the flat sheet costs extra.  Why I love it: These super soft and thick sheets are like wrapping yourself in your favorite lived-in flannel shirt (which L.L. Bean definitely also sells) Save up to 20% on your entire purchase. The Details It took L.L. Bean more than two years and 75 testers to perfect their ultrasoft flannel bedding, and patience paid off because we’re in love.  They sleep warm, but definitely not overbearing making these the sheets you’ll want on your bed on chilly nights to cozy up with.  The brushed cotton fabric, which resists fading and shrinking, is also pill-resistant after L.L. Bean set out to develop an exclusive process that carefully removes fibers from the surface to create a velvety smooth finish. Though, they are prone to creating a nice lint pile in the dryer.   Anything else? We’ve noticed that the L.L. Bean fitted sheets fit mattresses up to 15 inches deep, which is just slightly less than many of our other picks, something to be aware of if your bed is particularly tall.  Why I love it: Beyond the impeccable quality I know and expect from Matouk, it is all about the little details, with a range of embroidered details that range from classic to frilly.  The Details For sheets with a subtle flair and a major dose of elegance, I look to the luxury linen line Matouk. For instance, the Astor Braid top sheet is a special Schumacher style in Matouk’s signature Ceylon-percale, a crisp and cool fabrication specially made in India.  The Astor Braid top sheet is available in seven embroidery options. It’s one of a variety of decorative flat sheets, pillowcases, and duvets that can be mixed and matched with a basic Ceylon percale fitted sheet. Pieces are available individually to encourage layering and mixing, as well as let you buy extras or order replacements. “It is not unheard of for someone to use one style for pillowcases and a complementary style for the flat sheet,” according to Matouk Director of Merchandising, Colleen Mistry.  Anything else? Shopping Matouk directly gives you access to their broad selection of embellishments and colors, plus personalization opportunities, while Matouk can also be found at other retailers that carry high-end bedding. To keep the crisp feel, these are likely a set of sheets that will require ironing to minimize wrinkles. 

How we review the best bed sheets

This guide to the best bed sheets has been a tremendous undertaking, over a year in the making to ensure these sheet sets are the real deal. The team is constantly trying out various sheet sets, and perhaps the top honor is when they make it back into our sheet rotations again and again. These have been put through the paces: slept on, laundered, and passed around to family members to try, who may have different sleeping preferences. In choosing which sheets make the list, we considered quality, value for the money, how easy they are to care for and put on, and of course, how they felt while making sure to include the wide variety of available bedding and covering a range of budgets.  For more insight into our hands-on review process, refer to our how we test review guidelines. 

The best bed sheet constructions

When it comes to style, there is no best choice, it comes down to preference and feel.  Sateen: Sateen is characterized as being super soft and smooth with a “four threads over one thread” weave. It usually sleeps a little warmer and is great in the winter months. Sateen will often be described as silky or luminous.   Percale: Percale is a plainer weave, with a matte finish and a “one thread over one thread" construction. It’s often described as crisp, cool, or airy making it perfect for summer months and warmer climates. Percale can feel a little rough at first but gets softer with each wash.  Flannel: Get warm and cozy with flannel,  which uses a brushed technique on both sides to raise the fibers, which creates sort of a fuzzy surface with an extremely soft feel.   Linen: Suitable for year-round use, but most beloved during the warmer months, linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant. They’re highly breathable and considered to be temperature-regulating. It’s stiffer in nature with a more textured feel than cotton but provides exceptional cooling properties while getting softer with each wash. 

Which bed sheet fabric is best?

When it comes to materials, we prefer 100% natural materials like cotton, bamboo, and eucalyptus. Like sheet construction, the best fabric comes down to personal preference and how you want your bedding to feel.  You’ll also want to consider how to wash your sheets as different materials may require different methods.  Cotton/polyester blends typically cost less, offer increased durability, and are wrinkle-resistant, but they may not feel as natural or breathable. Microfiber sheets, also made from polyester, are extremely soft, like your favorite jersey shirt, but they too are not as breathable and are linked to carrying carcinogens.

The scoop on thread count

Contrary to popular belief, a high thread count is not the only indicator of how soft or luxurious your bedding is. In an ideal world, it would be easy to scale to monitor quality. But, in fact, many top bedding brands have moved away from disclosing thread count, or actively promoting their stance against it, because a high thread count doesn’t necessarily mean quality.  Thread count, according to the Sleep Foundation, is the measure of the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric, and visually speaking, it’s a measure of how tightly woven the fabric is. It is calculated by adding together the numbers of lengthwise (warp) and widthwise (weft) threads. For example, a cotton sheet with 300 warp threads and 300 weft threads in each square inch of fabric would have a listed thread count of 600. The topic can be further confused when you bring in the ply of the yarn, whose multi-layers can technically raise the thread count, but you’ll want to look for single-ply constructions.  In fact, thread count really only applies to cotton-based fabrics, as flannel, linen, silk, polyester, and other synthetic materials don’t have the same woven properties as percale or sateen sheets.  The sweet spot for thread count is usually 300-500, and most sheets over 600 are considered to be a manipulation of the actual thread count. In fact, there might not even be a noticeable feel between the 600-thread count and a 1,000-thread count. However, thread count does however come in handy when you’re considering a fabric’s weight. Cooler, lighter fabrics have lower thread counts while warmer, heavier ones will have higher ones. 

Are luxury sheets worth it?

We think luxury sheets are worth the investment. When considering luxury linens, material and construction are really important. You’ll want breathable, natural fabrics that are 100% cotton or other sustainable materials. Polyester and microfiber sheets feature synthetic materials Expensive bedding oftentimes comes down to craftsmanship. They’re designed to last for years, and stand up to weekly washing. They should not pill, fade, or become threadbare.  (However, like anything cotton, they could still shrink).  And if you’re unsure of which color to go for, it may be worth opting for one that will promote a long slumber. From gray to light blue, these are the bed sheet colors to improve sleep, according to those in the know. 

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