While it is easy to let the pressure push you into a festive frenzy, there is no reason to panic. Instead, you should look to some of the most recognizable faces for tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree – including Hollywood stars and interior design influencers.  The likes of Demi Moore and Millie Bobby Brown may be used to making headlines in the entertainment industry but, it seems, they have talent when it comes up with new and original Christmas tree ideas, too. These are our favorite celebrity-approved Christmas tree themes of the year – so far; more to come as we find them.

1. Kylie Jenner

It is hard not to begin with Kylie Jenner, the socialite, and businesswoman whose tree rivals that of royalty. We’ve already penned a (well deserved) love letter to Kylie Jenner’s Christmas tree, that towers over 18 feet in the entryway of her L.A. Hidden Hills mansion.  A photo posted by on The mini Santa ornaments are arguably the most notable feature on Kylie’s tree, but you can learn a lot from her indoor Christmas light ideas, too. The footage shows warm-toned string lights that surround the ornaments and illuminate the entryway with being too over the top – because when you choose a big tree such as this, you can let its size do all the talking. 

2. Millie Bobby Brown 

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown shared footage of her tree in mid-November, but (after seeing her decorations) it’s easy to understand the actress’s yearning for the holidays. While the tree is not quite as large as Kylie’s in size, it is just as inspiring in its understated and (somewhat surprising) traditional style. A photo posted by on Pictured also in her entryway, the tree stands next to Millie’s staircase. The actress, and her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi (Jon Bon Jovi’s son) are captured hanging red and gold ornaments on their branches before wrapping the tree in a thick red and green ribbon. They finish by hanging personal ornaments – an ‘M’ and a ‘J’ – adding a hint of individuality that complements the personal gallery wall.

3. Fredrik Eklund 

Fredrik Eklund is known for fronting Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York, but in a break from the ordinary, fans were treated to a glimpse inside his house – and it did not disappoint. His tree, which is also pictured in his entryway, has a distinct silver and white color scheme – paying homage to one of 2022’s biggest Christmas trends – but in such a way that won’t fall out of style in coming years.  A photo posted by on The real estate broker, who shares the home with his husband Derek Kaplan and their two children, also opted for a striking spray-twig tree topper that suits the contemporary space seamlessly.  

4. Joanna Gaines 

It is no surprise that Joanna Gaines’ Christmas decorations are already amongst our favorites – thanks to their timeless red, green and gold color scheme and eclectic ornaments that are fitting for her family home.  A photo posted by on While single-toned Christmas trees have an unmistakably stylish look, the Magnolia designer reassures us that a traditional scheme – and treasured and homemade ornaments – are very much acceptable. Paired with her garland, we’re feeling inspired, just in time for the holidays. 

5. Shea McGee

Dream Home Makeover star Shea McGee is no stranger to influencing decorating ideas around the calendar, and Christmas is certainly no exception. In Shea’s living room, her tree is the main event – standing in a neutral-hued room that is not overtly decorated – but still feels unmistakably, perfectly festive.  A photo posted by on Much like Joanna’s scene, Shea McGee’s tree pays tribute to a conservative Christmas aesthetic, with its warm lights, silver ornaments and star tree topper, that will always remain a festive favorite. 

6. Demi Moore

Demi Moore has given you full permission to experiment with rainbow-colored ornaments, much like those seen on Reese Witherspoon’s second tree. Pictured alongside Bruce Willis and their family, in a perfect holiday scene, the Ghost actress pairs multi-toned ornaments with a fashionable twig tree topper that brings a hint of contemporary style to an otherwise classic setting.  A photo posted by on The actress also paired her tree with a natural Christmas garland, not dissimilar to Joanna Gaines’, that flows up the banister and ensures the entryway has an undeniably festive feel.